Legislators Again Protect DMV from Independent Audit

“For the second time in the past 12 months,” Bryan Anderson of the Sacramento Bee reports, “California Democrats declined to open an independent investigation into the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles.” The audit request was “the most sweeping review” of the “motor voter” program and new federal ID requirement, as California Globe has reported.

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Four Senate Democrats voted against the request, which would have deployed state auditor Elaine Howle. As Anderson noted, Howle “does not report to the Governor’s Office and is considered independent of state government’s executive branch.”

Assemblyman Jim Patterson (R-Fresno), a supporter of an independent audit, told reporters, “Californians, if they were hoping if somehow their experience at the DMV was going to be improved pretty soon, would be disappointed today, what we saw was politics got in the way of really doing the right thing.”

Last year, long lines and reports of DMV employees sleeping on the job prompted calls for an investigation. DMV director Jean Shiomoto resisted and legislators handed the agency another $16 million. When the problems persisted, Gov. Jerry Brown ordered an audit by his own Department of Finance, not state auditor Elaine Howle, a proven performer. …

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  1. You must remember the politicians inviting all the illegals into our country for the express purpose of voting for them in no way intend to pay for their food, their medical needs, their shelter, their children’s schooling, no, they prefer to leave that little item for their constituents to pay for. I’m still trying to figure out what it is about the AH that voter’s love so much.

  2. This should be a Federal investigation and not one led by a Socialist traitor . Leaving whether or not the DMV’s Corruption should be investigated up to those responsible for the corruption is such an insult to the citizens of the state I really don’t understand why there are’t tens of thousands of People in the streets with our own version of the yellow vests.
    I guess if we don’t care what is happening to our state and country then we WILL get what we asked for. OPPRESSION AND ENSLAVEMENT TO THE STATE.
    From the sword of—-

  3. Gotta Gedada Displace says

    To see the future of CA, with Dems having majority power and not a clue how to use it properly, look in / at the crystal ball called “Illinois”.

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