Low Voter Turnout Across California Reported on Primary Day

No one seems to care that the balance of the state is in their hands’

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Voter turnout for the 2022 California primaries remained low Tuesday with many polling places and buildings with vote drop-offs reporting fewer people coming in than previous elections.

Earlier this week, consulting firms projected that California was likely going to see less than 30% turnout from voters largely due to a lack of exciting races in most places, disappointment from the results and actions from several previous elections, high voter apathy, along with other reasons. While the amount of ballots in on Monday was reported to only be 15%, the amount barely ticked up on Tuesday with the consulting firm Political Data Intelligence (PDI) announced mid-Tuesday that it only moved up to 16%.

While low numbers of people coming in have been universal, some areas are seeing higher numbers than other places. In San Francisco, the recall election of DA Chesa Boudin has brought out many voters either in support of Boudin’s policies or those dead-set against them.

“Over half the people who voted here or dropped off a ballot so far mentioned the race unprompted,” said John, a poll worker in San Francisco, to the Globe. “That’s the election everyone knows about. Pelosi and Newsom, and everyone, they’re an afterthought for most people it seems. A few going into the booths are also only coming out seconds later. It’s obvious they are only voting on the Boudin recall. It’s been like that all day.”

In the North County area above the Bay Area and Sacramento, it was even quieter for the first half of Tuesday.

“Due to the population differences, there’s not as many polling places up here, or vote drop off spots as you would see in LA or San Diego,” explained another election volunteer who wished to remain anonymous. “But even with fewer options, we’ve still just seen a trickle. There’s some local stuff and Congressman and Assemblyman up, as well as Governor, but it’s not like the Newsom recall last year where we had parking problems for the first election here since the Obama-McCain one. There’s no real motivation.”

Low voter turnout

Down South in Los Angeles, a high-profile election, the Mayoral Primary, is also boosting voter figures, but not as much as previously thought.

“I’ve been a volunteer at these places for years,” explained Deborah, a Los Angeles polling center worker, to the Globe on Tuesday. “Even for a primary, we have seen fewer people than normal, and I’m taking into account all those people that vote early or by-mail. Usually we see a large number of people come in just before closing because of them being at work or forgetting until the last minute, but based on the handful of people that came in today so far, I seriously doubt we’ll see lines like we’ve seen in the past. And if the Mayoral election has more people coming than what it would have, it’s really disappointing. I mean, a new mayor may be chosen today if Bass or Caruso get above 50% of the vote from a pool of voters in LA that is, I don’t know, 25%? 30%? That’s not good.”

Next door in Pasadena, with local spots such as City Council positions up for grabs, turnout is also low, with many voters seemingly unconcerned with many of the elections.

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  1. Really??? says

    The Democrat Dictator Party must be soooo proud of this election.

    If 20% of the voters voted (or 80% said what is the use) and you were elected by 15% or less you have NO mandate from the public.

    What you have is a statistical measure of the voters that said here are 4 fingers and took back 1.

    After all it is Biden idiocy that has given us the brink of a recession, a 40 year high inflation rate, and the crushing of the working poor and middle class.

    Where is the promised suspension of the gas tax by Slick Newsom and the the Democrats in Sac?

    Not going to happen, instead money cards handed out tot those who do not drive gas cars in a blatant buying of votes.

    And you would vote Democrat for what reason? And you do not understand the creation of dictatorship destruction of the national borders?

    The Democrats continue to celebrate the 80% non-voters….geez

  2. Where is the church??? Hello????

  3. donald J says

    They don’t need to vote as they understand that the machines will vote for them as proven in the past election.


  5. There are only two reasons for the poor voter turnout. Voters are content with their deteriorating standard of living, high food and fuel prices, crime, inflation and, massive corruption in government. The other, a wildfire of voter disgust and cynicism that will not end well and, that “end” is rapidly approaching

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