McCarthy: Use high-speed rail funds to quench California’s drought

As reported by the Sacramento Bee:

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House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, a persistent critic of California’s high-speed rail program, said that the funds for the project should be diverted to quench the state’s severe drought.

The California Republican made the proposal Wednesday after the Los Angeles Times reported that the system’s contractor pegged the cost of building the initial segment at 31 percent above the original estimate, but the California High Speed Rail Authority did not use that figure in its 2014 business plan.

The authority took issue with the newspaper’s report, saying that some costs in the $68 billion project have actually come down as bids have gone out.

That didn’t stop McCarthy from pitching a proposal that isn’t likely to happen.

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  1. Thank you Kevin McCarthy for at least making the suggestion.

  2. Hummm billions for desal, or billions for a train that cannot travel at the projected speeds for over 60% of the track.

    Brownie is using this as a job creation bill to feather the unions for more political control while the open primaries depress voter turnout.

    Opp’s has anyone figured in the illegal vote? No? How could they since the State does not require legal identification yet sends out voter registration by DMV licenses….go figure.

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