Oroville Dam repair costs soar past $1 billion

Oroville Dam 2Fixing the Oroville Dam spillway wrecked by storms in 2017 will cost $1.1 billion — a $455-million hike from initial estimates — the state Department of Water Resources announced Wednesday.

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The swelling cost can be blamed on design changes that have been made over the last 16 months and damage to the facility near Oroville, Calif., that was far more extensive than initially presumed, the department said.

The Department of Water Resources designed the repairs and issued a contract to Kiewit Corp. in April 2017 based on an estimate that the company could perform the work for $275 million. But the cost of that portion of the project has shot up to $630 million. In addition, the department’s internal costs have grown by $100 million, reaching $310 million. The agency also paid $160 million in emergency response costs, including removing sediment and installing temporary power lines.

In total, the cost of getting the spillway repaired and upgraded has gone up by about $1 million every day since April 2017. …

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  1. Kiewit Corp. is a large and capable engineering company and why they
    took on this contract from the Department of Water Resources for the
    stated price is a mystery. But then, this is California politics. Much like their Toonerville Trolly. And least we forget, it’s only the tax payers money.

  2. ISN’T THERE MONEY in the CHOO-CHOO fund? Why can’t this be used for dams and other water needs–also for thinning the forests or what is left of them? Jerry brown and company of” DESTROY CA” have done enough -stop it and really use the corrupt money for REALLY GOOD THINGS THAT THE taxpayers voted for!

  3. The costs are being held down because, unlike Moonbeam’s Choo-choo, the dam isn’t mobile.

  4. About a year ago I heard a podcast with a dam expert who said this all could have been prevented with $200K of preventative grouting maintenance.
    So instead of $200,000 its $1,000,000,000.

    That’s a lot of extra zeros. But nobody is to blame and nobody is responsible.

  5. When looking for culpability, look at the influence of the environmentalists have on the legislature. The “tree huggers” hate dams and reservoirs.

  6. People are too busy going to their Botox appointments and Pilates classes to give a whit about the waste, fraud and inefficiency of California government…
    This state needs a constitutional convention to completely overhaul its state governance, but I fear that the corruptocrats would steal it somehow….

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