Plan to regulate medical marijuana heads to Jerry Brown

As reported by the Sacramento Bee:

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After years of false starts and nearly two decades after California legalized cannabis for medical purposes, lawmakers Friday sent Gov. Jerry Brown a legislative package to regulate the billion-dollar industry.

Medical marijuana would be newly defined as an agricultural product with rules for water use, discharge and pesticides, and would be tracked and tested through the process.

The trio of bills would allow for testing and labeling of edible marijuana, overseen by the Department of Public Health, and prevent environmental degradation like water diversion via the Department of Food and Agriculture, which would also manage cultivation.

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  1. This drives me crazy. Cigarettes are bad because of the smoke effecting other people around the smoker. Now they want to ban the e cigarette because of the same thing. The smoke, even though it’s water vapor. But they will allow marijuana anywhere. “WHAT ABOUT THAT SMOKE.”?

  2. They wanted to be “brought out of the shadows”….they are going to find out how foolish was their wish.

  3. Govless Jerryatric will want free shipping to pass it!

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