Poll: Trump winning big in California

As reported by Politico:

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Ted Cruz called California “the big enchilada” on Wednesday and said it would be the state that ultimately decides the Republican nomination. But a new poll from Capitol Weekly/Sextant Strategies shows Donald Trump in a dominant position across the state.

The results, provided to POLITICO, show Trump leading statewide with 41 percent of the vote and Cruz trailing far behind with 23 percent. John Kasich is in third with 21 percent, and 15 percent of Republicans said they remain undecided.

California is worth 172 delegates when it votes on June 7 — with the winner of each of the state’s 53 congressional districts receiving three delegates. The statewide winner receives 13 delegates.

The Capitol Weekly/Sextant Strategies poll shows Trump winning in almost every …

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  1. But, will those delegates be Trump-Trump Delegates?

  2. John Steele says

    I was a Cruz supporter but a few months ago it became clear that ted is actually soft on illegal aliens.. Looking at his site, it’s the usual blather about strong borders etc.. NO mention of deporting.. He says he wants them to come out of the shadows… RNC Speak .. for amnesty. we here in kalyfornia see first hand the destructive effects of illegal aliens on the state, it’s budget, social services, massive crime and Jerry spending 10 billion a year pampering them while ignoring the middle class that keeps Kalyfornina functioning.. I think that trump will able to neuter Jerry perchance for illegals and just maybe , we can get his state to function again like it used to a small degree. Removing illegals is the first step to restoring the rule of law and America.

    • Oblamo binLyen says

      Illegals are one part of it. I’m hoping/praying that President Trump will stop all of this anti-freedom stuff coming out of the Feds and hinder the states somewhat. I’d like to see him put a screaming stop to the EPA and the BLM land grabs. I was leaning towards Ted, because I’m not a fan of little boy politics like Trump is playing, calling people names and I am worried about his history but we took a chance on Reagan so at this point in time what do we have to lose? Besides the USA.

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