Power company under pressure to explain actions before California wildfire

Power electricSome victims of California’s worst-ever wildfire are asking why the state’s largest utility didn’t shut off power in areas that were at high risk. The death toll from the Camp Fire is up to 77, and that number is likely to rise.

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Nearly 1,000 other people are unaccounted for. In 11 days, the fire has destroyed more than 10,000 homes north of Sacramento, the state’s capital.

Pacific Gas & Electric said two of its power lines failed in areas where the fire broke out a short time before the first flames were reported. It highlighted one failure the day the fire began but then waited more than a week to report the second until more information was available.

PG&E said the fire forecast did not meet the criteria for a “public safety power shutoff.” The cause of the fire is still under investigation. …

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  1. DIRECT ENERGY WEAPONS AND SMART METERS.. it’s all on satellite politicians run for the hills.. FEINSTEIN-BROWN..

  2. As I said before , I live in the area of the northern Ca. fires. The day the fire started the news said that there may be a fire in THAT AREA followed by a statement from PG&E saying that they expected a fire in that area and were going to shut off electricity to that area. Instead we had a fire. Not just a fire but a fire in the exact spot that PG&E said that there was going to be one. Hmmmmm.
    Jerry Brown nose , if you remember , passed down a decision that PG&E could not be held responsible for the damage that they cause and that the RATE PAYER would BE RESPONSIBLE for the damages.
    Something is really rotten about all of this.

    • I’m sure it will be all hunky-dory after PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E are combined into The California Utility Agency, and you’ll all be buying your natural gas & electricity from Sacramento.
      What could go wrong?

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