Proposal to Place Restrictions on Plastic Straws Advances in California Legislature

StrawsThe California Senate on Monday approved legislation barring dine-in restaurants from offering plastic straws to customers unless they are requested.

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The measure, which goes back to the Assembly for concurrence in amendments, was introduced to address the environmental problems caused by plastic ending up in oceans and rivers.

Sen. Henry Stern (D-Canoga Park) said plastic contamination is showing up in 25% of the fish sold in California.

“Do you want to eat fish with plastic in it?” Stern asked his colleagues. “This is a public health issue.”

The measure exempts fast-food restaurants and other businesses. …

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  1. Brenda Torres says

    What about Pampers, look how many of those (with plastic covering) ends up in our land fills and/or oceans?!!!

  2. Order the fish. it’s the only way you’re ever gonna’ get a straw.

  3. This possibly the dumbest bill ever. First they are basing it on research done by a nine year old kid. They ignore the fact that calif puts out less than 1% of plastic in the oceans and straws are less then .01% of that. Then to top it off this only affects sit down restaurants where almost nobody leaves with their drink so the straw ends up in the trash with everything else. Fast food where almost everyone leaves with their drink and straw are not affected by this law.

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