Proposed legislation would redirect federal funds away from California high-speed rail

High speed rail constructionTwo House bills introduced this month by Republicans from California seek to redirect federal funds from the state’s high-speed rail project and use the money for other purposes. The Trump administration in February demanded funds back from the controversial project, which has been plagued by cost overruns and delays.

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A bill introduced by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy would “repurpose” about $3.5 billion worth of federal funds for the rail system to water infrastructure projects to help the state cope with future droughts. A second piece of legislation, dubbed the “High-Speed Refund Act” and introduced by Rep. Doug LaMalfa, requires that any funds the Transportation Department provided to the high-speed rail development go instead to “important freight and highway projects.”

“The California high-speed rail project is a boondoggle that California and American taxpayers must move on from,” McCarthy said earlier this month. “Since its inception, the project’s costs have ballooned while oversight and accountability within the California High-Speed Rail Authority has been nonexistent.” …

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  1. Please allow ME to introduce a bill to President Trump. Turn off the money spigot completely to people who couldn’t run in the money on any other track.

  2. Both the feds and the calif taxpayers had a contract with the state. If you build a HSR from LA to San Fran we will ok 10 billion in bond sales. Since you are in breech of contract we want our money back. You said it would cost about 30 billion and make the trip in less than 3 hours at speeds over 200 mph. Now it will cost over 100 billion will not be able to go over 70 mph and takes 5 or 6 hours to get there. I can drive from LA to San Fran in 6.5 hours. Since you are not doing what the contract agreed to do you need to return all money to the taxpayers and the fed

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