San Francisco will remove more than 9,300 marijuana-related crimes from people’s records

Marijuana smokingSan Francisco prosecutors announced Monday they would move to expunge 9,300 marijuana-related convictions dating back decades, part of a sweeping effort to rethink “the war on drugs” now that pot is legal in California.

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The announcement culminated a year-long review of marijuana convictions in San Francisco, which critics say disproportionately punished minority communities and made it more difficult for those with criminal records to get jobs and other essentials.

Other California counties, including Los Angeles, are considering similar efforts, though none have gone as far as San Francisco. The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office estimates there have been 40,000 felony convictions involving pot-related offenses since 1993, but prosecutors have not said how many of those could be eligible for being expunged. …

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  1. These are crimes so they need to be there to alert who ever is interested in this aspect. You do not erase the present . It is part and parcel of what you did. Just doing better the second time around shows the idea that you want to improve. NO MATTER WHAT YOU CANNOT REMOVE THE PAST!

  2. I wonder how many of these “marijuana-related crimes” are government employees.

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