Senate bill would eliminate income tax for California teachers

As reported by the Santa Clarita Valley Signal:

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In light of the increasing teacher shortage in California, Senators Henry Stern and Cathleen Galgiani announced the Teacher Recruitment and Retention Act.

If passed, Senate Bill 807 would eliminate all state income tax for teachers who stay in the classroom for more than five years, as well as provide tax credits to cover training costs and teaching credentials for new teachers.

“Teachers are the original job creators,” Stern said in a statement. “The teaching profession is critical to California’s economic success and impacts every vocation and profession in the state.”

The senate bill aims to tell teachers they are valued in California by training them and keeping them in classrooms, Stern said. In addition to encouraging people to go into teaching, the bill aims to encourage veteran teachers, former teachers and out-of-state teachers to get into California classrooms. …

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  1. Andrew Kessel says

    More feel-good b.s. from the CA Democrats. They should be more worried about whether the teachers have a viable retirement that will be there in the future. This state is billions, possibly trillions in debt. The problems in CA schools would not be solved by this, not even close. This smells like more union lobbying, the people who gave us Jerry Brown.

  2. What a wonderful idea. Teachers are oh so much more important that soldiers, firefighters, police officers, doctors, construction workers, and all of the other mundane people of California. But why stop there? Let’s exempt them from all sales tax, too. After all, the same argument applies. California is doomed.

  3. The teacher shortage is a response to a system where the teachers are not allowed to have discipline in the class. It is a system where the Left is on the wrong side of “rights(?)” of students creating an atmosphere of fear on the part of any teacher willing to hold a line of education and study not interfered with by cell phones in class, disruptive behavior by students who will not study or cannot study.

    I vote for elimination of income tax on all experienced teachers, and the entire State. Make the State dependent on sales tax. Then “Joe Public” will see the cost of crushing government on a daily basis.

    Then the comment “Say it ain’t so Joe” will have real meaing.

  4. DR Richard says

    So let baldy brown and the legislature pay their taxes–because the people won’t

  5. Richard Rider says

    There is no end to the progressives’ redistribution efforts. They constantly seek to redistribute income from the productive people to the low/no production people. They endlessly labor to take more from the private sector workers to give to the “public servants.” In the latter case, it’s classic elitist thinking — paralleling the aristocracy’s privileged status of times past.

    Moreover, the teacher shortage can largely be fixed by revamping the DE FACTO “restraint of trade” edu-babble requirements in CA for getting certified as a teacher. My wife has extensive experience (30+ years) as both as a classroom mentor teacher and an instructor in the graduate “teacher school” certification system, and has become appalled at the silly, demeaning, useless, ever-increasing and teacher-discouraging plethora of crap they must endure in grad school — 90% of which is useless in the classroom. All it accomplishes is to exacerbate the supposed “teacher shortage.”

  6. Any bets this also includes the way over paid university professors that continue to under educate and brainwash our kids while over charge us!

  7. Get rid of Jerry Brown and the Illegal Aliens…

  8. Donald J. says

    Being from out of State (after 70 plus years a Californian) I’m not familiar with these two politicians as they were not identified as common sense conservatives or left wing nuts. Please clarify and thank you.

  9. Watermellon Man says

    I no longer have a $90,000.00 income as I am retired so I should be exempt from California income tax.
    I also out of my income MUST pay for my and my wives health insurance.
    I need HELP

  10. James Flynn says


  11. Hatch Clayborne says

    Finally a Great bill from California democrats! Why should teachers pay state taxes? Hey, There’s a nursing shortage too, and we love nurses just like teachers. So let’s eliminate their taxes. And it’s hard to make ends meet as a fireman and lifeguard, let’s cut those guys taxes. I think grocery clerks bartenders and waitresses need a boost… y’know, let’s just eliminate the whole state tax thing!

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