Senate fellow harassment shows how bad Sacramento culture was

One of the most dramatic moments in the far-reaching fallout from last fall’s revelations about Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s appalling history of sexual misconduct came on Oct. 16 with the release of a letter signed by more than 140 women who worked or had worked in Sacramento. The letter condemned a state Capitol in which men “leveraged their power and positions” to create a culture in which sexual harassment was taken for granted — all but a routine part of the job.

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One claim that really illustrated the scope of the problem was the case of a 23-year-old aspiring legislative staffer who worked last year for then-state Sen. Tony Mendoza, D-Artesia, as part of the California Senate Fellows program, which is run in partnership with Sacramento State University. The woman told David Pacheco, director of the fellows program since 2005, that Mendoza had invited her to his home on at least two occasions to “review résumés” and had invited her to come to his hotel room. But the Sacramento Bee reported in November that instead of Pacheco notifying officials at Sacramento State of this awful conduct — as required by university policy — he advised the fellow not to take immediate action to leave the office and noted that she may yet get a job with Mendoza.

This is stomach-turning. Instead of acting decisively to protect a young woman in his charge, Pacheco’s first instinct was not just to look away from gross behavior by Mendoza toward the woman but to see a situation where she went to work for the lawmaker as something positive. …

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  1. Was Pacheco playing “Chris Dodd” to Mendoza’s “Ted Kennedy”?

  2. The demo RAT Tony Mendoza was my rep in the legislature for a few decades it seems! I have been following his career ever since he was in the Artesia city council. I can assure you it was NOT a stellar engagement with that city! His conduct there was less than good! When he ran for and was elected to the legislature the others on the council almost did handprings with joy! I have been following his antics for a long time and nothing he was involved with or associated with was void of controversay. Now I have no effective representation in cesspool north but I never had any to begin with so what am I missing! Ole Tony is getting his karma payback IN SPADES and I am LOVING it! Never trust this snake for anything in governmemt!!

  3. CaliExpat says

    Machismo on display???

  4. Is this the classic definition of hypocrisy?

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