Teachers unions trying to take back O.C. board

As reported by the Orange County Register:

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In addition to making known their presidential preferences, Orange County voters on June 7 also will make critical decisions impacting the continued on a path of supporting greater parental choice in public education and jump-starting education reforms in local schools.

Orange County Board of Education Trustees Kenneth Williams and Robert Hammond are seeking re-election. The board has become a model for championing choice and opportunity for students and taxpayers alike. Williams and Hammond served as the minority on the five-member board until the previous election cycle, when they were joined by Linda Lindholm, forming a refreshingly candid and courageous new majority.

Not beholden to county teachers unions or other special interests, they saw to it that petitions were no longer summarily denied to grant rights to independent charter schools seeking to start schools in Orange County. This switch came much to the chagrin of teachers unions, and even some school board members, because it meant an end to a default geographically based monopoly for school enrollment. …

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  1. Allowing CTA/NEA to determine policy at the Board level is no different than if Henry Ford turned control of FoMoCo over to the Reuther brothers and their thugs at the UAW. Whatever product results will not be one that anyone will be interested in – and education has enough self-created hurdles to overcome as it is.

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