Teen who Allegedly Hit Liquor Store Clerk with Scooter Arrested in Fatal Highland Park Robbery

A 13-year-old boy who allegedly struck a 68-year-old liquor store clerk over the head with a scooter has been arrested in connection with the fatal robbery in Highland Park, the Los Angeles Police Department said Thursday.

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The LAPD is asking for the public’s help in identifying three other teenage suspects involved in the Oct. 6 robbery at Tony’s Market, in the 100 block of East Avenue 40.

As Steven Reyes confronted two boys and two girls who were trying to shoplift, one of them — the 13-year-old — allegedly hit him over the head with a scooter, police said. Reyes was struck outside the store, where the teens left him lying on the sidewalk before they ran off.

News footage recorded shortly after the incident showed good Samaritans attempting to help Reyes, but he later died at a hospital from his injuries, according to authorities.

Reyes was a Filipino immigrant who started working at Tony’s Market earlier this year to support his elderly mother and send money back to his family in the Philippines, his family told The Times.

Kaycie Reyes, Steven’s daughter, said this incident was not the first time her father attempted to thwart thieves from stealing at the market. She said detectives seem hopeful that they will arrest all four teens.

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  1. Want to be the DA will make sure they are charged as juveniles, and then given minimum sentences?

    When they are sentenced how about one of the parents serving time as well?

  2. Why bother looking for this new breed of thoughtless, thugs and murdering teens when they will not be held accountable all because of the stupid voters that compromises 90% of the Democrats who live here who voted for Gascon. They would rather see the destruction in living color of San Francisco by Newsom and Gascon and then vote for these two progressive losers for California. You can’t replicate stupid. So now as crime is up by hundreds of percent, they wonder what happened? Now Newsom is dictating to Doctors with AB 2098 what they can discuss with their patient and what they deem as misinformation. They can revoke the license of your MD if they don’t like the way he practices medicine. Talk about Dystopian societies. Next, he will be availing your tax paying dollars to invite and most likely secure first-class plane fare to all from other states who want the taxpayer’s free abortion via your tax dollars by our fabulous Planned Parenthood. They plan on aborting up to birth, how pleasant now the Dems are back to what they did in the past racially murdering “what they consider minorities”. They did after all get a great start by originating the KKK. They are the party not for the people but for their elitist self’s and they repulse me. CA will keep voting for these creeps, it is in their DNA. I just wish they would not move out of the state they voted the crap hole creeps in. They should be relegated here for life. Doubt they could afford it because everything Dems touch someone else has to pay for.

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