The OC GOP’s Delicate Dance in the Age of Trump

As reported by the Voice of OC:

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It wasn’t long ago that if you were looking for harsh rhetoric and hardline policies on immigration, you need look no further than Orange County.

Republican officials in the “reddest county in America” were not at all shy about deriding our porous borders and condemning those who advocate for amnesty for people in this country illegally.

Consider Costa Mesa Councilman Allan Mansoor, who gained both notoriety and criticism in the latter half of the last decade for his extreme positions, including pushing in 2010 a city council resolution to declare Costa Mesa a “rule of law” city committed to ending illegal immigration.

Mansoor had such a high profile on the issue that he was named an honorary member of the Minuteman Project, a radical anti-illegal immigration group founded by Laguna Niguel resident Jim Gilchrist.

And while Mansoor may have been among loudest local voices, he was certainly not alone. …

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  1. The OC GOP has changed for two reasons:
    1) Many have left for climes east of the Colorado River;
    2) Don’t discount the effects of self-medication courtesy of Medical MJ.

  2. The Democrats have won! They valiantly fought to disgrace patriotism and love of country and imported voters to achieve their victory.

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