Travis Allen Declares Victory in Gas Tax Repeal Lawsuit


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SACRAMENTO – Today, Assemblyman Travis Allen announced that Judge Timothy Frawley of the Sacramento Superior Court gave the final ruling in favor of Allen’s request to rewrite the title and summary for the Repeal of the Gas Tax ballot initiative in a “true and impartial” manner.

“This is a huge win for the people of California. It’s outrageous that the Attorney General intentionally tried to mislead California voters in an effort enforce Jerry Brown’s massive $52 billion gas tax,” said Assemblyman Travis Allen. “California voters will now see a new ballot title and statement that truly represents what this initiative will do — repeal Jerry Brown’s massively unpopular gas tax.”

Ballot title and summary as written by Judge Frawley:

Travis Allen lawsuit 1

“We are ready to hit the ground running,” stated Assemblyman Travis Allen. “With this new ballot title and summary, the Repeal the Gas Tax Initiative will be ready to begin collecting the 365,880 signatures needed to place the repeal on the November 2018 ballot.  Californians can learn more about the effort by visiting,” concluded Allen.

Important excerpts from Judge Frawley’s final ruling:

Travis Allen lawsuit 2


Judge Frawley continued:

Further, as discussed above, while taxes and fees may be “income” to the state, they do not represent “income” to voters. An ordinary, reasonable voter is not likely to understand that.

The Attorney General’s summary does not “cure” the defects in the title. Rather, the misleading nature of the title “taints” the summary. Voters should not be put to the tast of trying to separate the wheat from the chaff, especially when it is so unnecessary.

Enterprise Counsel Group ALC (ECG) is representing Assemblyman Allen. ECG is a business litigation, appeals and transactional firm in Irvine, CA that serves clients across the country.  ECG has extensive experience in successfully representing officeholders and candidates in election contests in local, state, and federal offices.  For further information, please contact Benjamin P. Pugh or Garrett M. Fahy at (949) 833-8550.

***You can read Assemblyman Allen’s op-ed in the Sacramento Bee on the issue here.

***Attached is the final ruling.

For more information, official initiative signature packets, and updates on the Gas Tax Repeal, please visit


  1. Cars Are Basic, a promoter of individual choice in transportation opposed both taxes that the Democrats jokingly call revenue. There is more than enough taxes to fix the roads. The Democrats both intentionally do not want that to happen.

    This was fraud from the beginning. Gov. Brown, Newsom, and the rest never intended to devote the money solely to “fixing” the freeway – highway system Democrats allowed to deteriorate.


    Because the wanted and continue to want to “force” people into their cookie cutter mold of Government run, created and forced transportation. It is Leftest ideology ala Russian Soviet Style 1970’s planning.

    Still think it was and is not a fraud? Then WHY did Brown and the rest of the Democrats immediately after it was passed declare $1 Billion for BIKE PATHS? Why did they declare $1/2 Billion for light rail north of San Francisco?

    Need help in transportation issues? Contact Cars Are Basic, at

  2. Serves that lying Becerra well. Get rid of him, deLeon, Baldy and Mary Nicholls of CARB!

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