Trump administration cancels $929 million in California high speed rail funds

The Trump administration said on Thursday it was formally cancelling $929 million in previously awarded funding for California’s high-speed rail program after rejecting an appeal by the state.

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The U.S. railway regulator, the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), said on Thursday it had canceled the funding awarded in a 2010 agreement after it said the state had “repeatedly failed to comply” and “failed to make reasonable progress on the project.”

In a statement, the FRA said it was still considering “all options” on seeking the return of $2.5 billion in federal funds the state has already received. …

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  1. Our roads are disgusting, homeless are everywhere crapping on our sidewalks,needles are strewn all over our streets and parks. Gas prices as with everything else are taxed beyond affordability and they continue to steal our( we the people’s money) for this garbage ridiculous train to nowhere. You can fly across this state in an hour. But they want us to take a train that takes 5 hours. We Californians need to WAKE THE HELL UP. We are living in a socialist state run by dictators and it’s enough. ENOUGH ENOUGH ENOUGH!!!!

  2. askeptic says

    Governor Backtrack finding out that there is a higher power.

  3. Damocles says


  4. Damocles says

    excuse me , Gavin

  5. Dntgiveup says

    I need not comment Kristi covered my words pretty explicitly with maybe a few less expicitives.

  6. The Captive says

    Thank GOD these funds are stopped! This state is controlled by those who REFUSE TO BE ACCOUNTABLE! Driving up the taxes is what dictators do. They hate taking RESPONSIBILITY AND TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH that which is good for the people. Rather than doing a top job they are mediocre and DO NOT LISTEN THUS making the act of scamming out our taxes easy because they deny our just causes for all the failures in this once golden state 🙁

  7. CaliExpat says

    I LOVE IT!!!
    Bring the SOB”s to heel, PresidentTrump!!!

    They aren’t going to be so ballsy with their finances cut out from underneath them, now are they???

    Yay, Kristi!!!

  8. SHANE CONWAY says

    I think $718,000,000 per mile is too much. It’s time someone pulls the plug on your “high-speed” railroad. The people between Bakersfield and Fresno did not vote for the Los Angeles/San Francisco pipe dream.

  9. Gotta Gedada Displace says

    From the Reuters article-
    ” The state said in March that ending funding “would cause massive disruption, dislocation, and waste, damaging the region and endangering the future of high-speed rail in California.”
    They got it backwards – all those things were CAUSED by the project, NOT the prospect of canning this absurd fraudulent tax money wildfire.

  10. Robert S. Allen says

    Consider replacing I-580 toll lanes and incipient Valley Link rail with a “bookend” BART or an ACE rail spur between Dublin and Greenville.

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