Trump girds for war with California over fuel economy

traffic-los-angelesThe Trump administration is speeding toward all-out war with California over fuel economy rules for cars and SUVs, proposing to revoke the state’s long-standing authority to enforce its own tough rules on tailpipe emissions.

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The move forms a key part of a proposal by Trump’s environmental and transportation agencies to roll back the nation’s fuel economy standards. The agencies plan to submit the proposal to the White House for review within days.

The plan would freeze fuel economy targets at the levels required for vehicles sold in 2020, and leave those in place through 2026, according to federal officials who have reviewed it. That would mark a dramatic retreat from existing law, which aimed to get the nation’s fleet of cars and light trucks to an average fuel economy of 55 miles per gallon by 2025. Instead of average vehicle fuel economy ratcheting up to that level, it would stall out at 42 miles per gallon.

That would constitute the single biggest step the administration has taken to undermine efforts to combat climate change. …

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  1. This is an important step to reassert the Federal Government’s primacy over Interstate Commerce. CA, for too long, has been allowed to drive policy in this area (particularly as many other states have adopted the CARB standards) nullifying Congress’ role in setting nation-wide standards. The auto manufacturers long ago gave up on certifying their vehicles to both a Federal and CA standard as those standards became more and more restrictive, and for convenience’s sake, just built, and certified, to CARB’s kooky ideas – and their product suffered immeasurably. After a half-century of the battle against tail-pipe emissions, that last 1-3% of emissions is a very difficult – and expensive – mountain to climb, and it is time for the Eco-Warriors to realize that perfection is not possible, that a line needs to be drawn in the sand and not crossed.

    • Lawrence L says

      No chance.

    • UpChuckLiberals says

      I would settle for an nice roundup and incarceration of every Democrat, and quite a few republicans in Sack-0-Tomatoes. Breaking their oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution, heck toss in most of the slime in the Swamp while your at it. I want my State and Country BACK!

  2. Dntgiveup says

    You go for it President Trump Make California Great Again!!! Gavin Newsom is already advertising more of the same BS that Flush it Down when it’s Brown imposed on all the constituents of CA and then has the nerve to go on TV and say that’s what the people want…not sure what people he’s talking about, probably the Hollywood crowd and the illegals.

  3. The environmentalists must be aghast.

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