Trump leads poll in California, but shows regional weakness

As reported by the Sacramento Bee:

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Buoyed by the support of many of the same Republicans who voted for Arnold Schwarzenegger for governor in 2003, Donald Trump leads his challengers in California two months before the state’s presidential primary, according to a new Field Poll.

Yet support for Trump varies widely across the state, suggesting Ted Cruz – and perhaps John Kasich – could dilute a strong overall showing by the GOP frontrunner, dividing the state’s massive delegate haul.

The poll, released Thursday, comes two days after Trump’s loss to Cruz in the Wisconsin primary, amid intensified efforts from within the Republican Party to block Trump’s nomination. For the first time in decades, California’s late-arriving primary, on June 7, is expected to be critical.

Trump leads Cruz in California 39 percent to 32 percent among …


  1. So, the same voters that gave us The Governator, now want to give us The Donald.
    Fools never learn.
    Go Ted Go!

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