Trump Supporters Clash With Police in Downtown L.A.

As a violent mob stormed the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday in support of President Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election, several people were arrested in downtown Los Angeles as Trump supporters clashed with counter-protesters and police.

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A crowd of about 200 gathered near Los Angeles Police Department headquarters, waving U.S. flags and chanting, “Do your job,” as officers tried to control them. Police declared the gathering an unlawful assembly about 1 p.m.

One Trump supporter screamed at officers who escorted her off the steps of City Hall, yelling, “Remember there are thousands upon thousands of patriots willing to die for our freedoms. … You need to decide which side you’re on.” …

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  1. It’s California, we know which side they’re on.
    Until the homeless encampment is erected next door to their house. Or they lose their job to Defund the Police policies.
    At which point, they’ll be all “hey, this is not working.”

  2. It has reached the point where the majority are waking up.

    The nightly news stories of riots an looting by supposed honest and lawful members of the Left have ripped the scab off the wound that is radical dictatorship. I for one no longer sit back and quietly allow both the language and actions of anarchist who state they are for freedom go unchecked.

    Last week I made the comment that the radicals and intentional separatist of groups like BLM, AME, La Raza, etc. have to either decide to join the culture or be crushed. It means dilution of hispanic, black, cultures and the use of English in an educated way.

    Statements about being oppressed no longer work with me. Instead of destroying the criminals who create black on black crime, hispanic on hispanic crime, etc. they have built barriers to freedom and daily interaction. They have used bigots like Waters, Clinton’s, Obama, and more.

    75 million voters are tired of the Washington D.C., Balitomore, Chicago, L.A., crime and death reports because YOU are too cowardly to admit the 50 years since the 1960’s failed you. YOU embraced Democrats and Socialism and it has not worked.

    I’ll end this with the Asian Community has its problems. It has for the most part maintained identity. At the same time it has flourished economically, is admitted to institutions of higher learning without help, and you can talk with most in educated English without concern. Oh and they love private enterprise.

  3. The actions taken by thousands of Americans across America in the past few days is like a shot across the bow. If one looks back through history to the many tyrannical forms of government, included kings, queens, dictators and bought leaders you will find a common thread: all came to an end in one way or another. In each case the people finally had it with the control methods of the leaders. They rebelled. America is our wonderful story of refusing to accept the dictatorial control of the King of England. Those who rebelled did so because they had come to America for freedom and opportunity – out from under that control. The Constitution they developed was specifically directed at prevention of that return to dictatorial control. Now, we have a government that is rapidly working to destroy that Constitution because it prevents them from the control they desire. Our choice as a nation is to accept the control or rebel – the difference between sheep and freedom.

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