U.S. Media Blocked from California Gov. Gavin Newsom Meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping

BEIJING — California Gov. Gavin Newsom met with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday during his first full day in the capital city during a weeklong trip to China. 

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Chinese officials physically blocked American media members from attending the meeting while allowing Chinese reporters inside.  The 45-minute meeting took place in the Great Hall of the People, a palatial building with a massive entry hall adorned with yellow curtains and a red carpet that Newsom and his delegation traversed on their way to the meeting.  

Newsom addressed reporters who had traveled to China to cover his visit after the meeting, and said he and Xi discussed climate issues, as well as fentanyl, the opioid fueling overdose deaths in San Francisco and across the United States. 

California’s fentanyl crisis has roots in China, where chemicals used to make the synthetic opioid are manufactured. The Biden administration has pressed Xi to crack down on the export of those chemicals. Newsom said he didn’t secure any new commitments from Xi on the issue, but described their conversation about fentanyl as “remarkably positive.” 

“We talked about precursor chemicals, we talked about the importance of the issue and how it’s become a leading cause of death in the United States,” Newsom said. 

Nicholas Burns, the U.S. ambassador to China who was also in the meeting, said Newsom spoke about his personal experience with the issue as an elected leader from San Francisco, where fentanyl has hit particularly hard. 

Newsom said San Francisco came up multiple times in the meeting, and that Xi began the conversation by reminiscing about his memories of the Golden Gate Bridge from his previous trips to California. 

Newsom said he did not speak about human rights with Xi, but did bring up several human rights issues during meetings earlier in the day with China’s vice president and foreign minister. During his meeting with Foreign Minister Wang Yi, Newsom said he discussed California resident David Lin, who the United States government says is wrongfully imprisoned in China. Newsom also said he discussed the war in Gaza and issues related to Tibet and Taiwan.  

Newsom and Xi’s meeting comes ahead of next month’s Asia-Pacific summit in San Francisco, where President Joe Biden has said he may meet with his Chinese counterpart. 

After his meeting with Xi, Newsom said his “biggest fear” with China is that the United States and China become isolated from each other. On his trip, he has stressed the importance of having an open dialog with China. 

Newsom had received widespread criticism for his plans to focus his China trip on climate issues and to largely sidestep human rights. 

Maya Wang, associate director in the Asia division at Human Rights Watch, urged Newsom to call out Chinese leaders for their crackdown on free speech, including imprisonment of people who criticize the government, and its persecution of Uyghur Muslims. 

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  1. Enemies within and that’s why we are in the flux of communism – USA dead!

  2. Nusume driving people out of CA to make land available for large Chinese purchase, and more illegal Bio Labs.

  3. Well, we know now who is going to run for the 2024 Presidential race. It’s never too late.

  4. So basically he gets CCP backing by continuing his backing of the CCP Agenda?

  5. Gavin Newsom’s chances for Prez may be dulled when the American People learn that he was made a “Young Global Leader” by the WEF in 2008 in Davos. The WEF looks at China as the perfect economic model since they have the same goals – Neo-Fascism and Neo- Feudalism. China is only Communist to the ordinary people. The CCP is controlled by China’s Billionaires. So it is a Capitalist takeover. Agenda 2030 is when “You Will Own Nothing and You Will be Happy”. In other words, the Billionaires will own all assets. The Billionaires control everything including Newsom. http://www.maloneinstitute.org http://www.weforum.org/partners

  6. In the name of Continuity, Newsom went to CHINA to insure payments went to him, after Biden goes to jail.

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