Watchdog group identifies ‘financially sick’ California cities

Irvine_City_HallIrvine is the financially healthiest big city in America, while New York is the sickest, according to a new study by a nonprofit dedicated to financial transparency in the public sector.

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California’s other big cities fall firmly in the middle, with Southern California burgs healthier than many of their Northern California counterparts, says Chicago-based watchdog group Truth in Accounting.

The group doesn’t report on any cities in Yolo County since they are too small in population size. However, Bay Area cities as well as Sacramento were looked at.

The “taxpayer burden” — what each resident would have to pay to eliminate a city’s debts — hit $7,200 per person in Anaheim, $6,000 in Los Angeles, $5,100 in Santa Ana, $5,000 in San Diego, $3,700 in Riverside and $1,300 in Long Beach. Meanwhile, Irvine boasts a “taxpayer surplus” of $4,400 per person. …

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  1. This is just disgusting —a lie– CA has the most corrupt government. Of course they want to GOUGE -RIP APART THE TAXPAYERS( it’s other people’s money remember) ??? There is so much corruption that they can only TAX AND TAX AGAIN – There isn’t much left. This is part of the plan to get properties and move people along side the DISGUSTING cHOO-CHOO TO NOWHERE so that they conform to despotic government wishes. Remember remaining people they DON’T care a whit-for you JUST your money . Tax and tax and tax that is how corrupt CA dems do business!

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