Why do candidates who campaign on climate flood mailboxes with fliers?

Mailers generate carbon. They also generate money and votes. Experts talk about that balance, plus ways that campaigns can be greener.

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One California voter tweeted: “‘Help me fight climate change’ says the campaign mailer going straight into the recycle bin.”

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Then there’s the Facebook user who called “snail mail” campaign fliers “mostly a nuisance these days,” and said her main response to them is this question: “Don’t these people care even a bit about the environment?”

If you’re a registered voter, and particularly if you live in a district with a competitive primary race, your mailbox has likely been flooded in recent days with political campaign fliers.

Like all mail, each of these fliers leaves a small carbon footprint. Trees are felled to make their paper and gas-powered vehicles spew carbon to deliver them. That’s why climate groups encourage everyone to turn off paper billing, to opt out of junk mail, and to “think before you print.”

But despite the growing role that digital advertising now plays in modern elections, the decades-old tradition of mailing out campaign fliers shows no signs of slowing down.

That’s true even of candidates who use those mailers to tout their passion for fighting climate change.

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“Campaigns are notorious for being slow adapters,” said Dan Schnur, who teaches politics at USC and worked as a strategist on past presidential and gubernatorial campaigns.

“But there still is significant residual value in old fashioned snail mail,” he added. “So a campaign that moves away from it for philosophical or ideological reasons is potentially compromising their effectiveness.”

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  1. Actually, flyers are the BEST way to get your message out given the censorship coming from legacy and social media. Let the people decide who and what to believe. I predict that the old ways will become the best ways. History tells us that when the people spoke out against the English king and politicians, they used handouts (flyers). Besides climate change is a scam, and only kept alive by the media and those who use it to control us. Wars and private jets cause more pollution than everything they are trying to take away from the “common” people. Digitization has done more to control us than anything that has come before. You can throw it away but you can’t delete a flyer with the push of a button controlled by outside forces.

    • Yes, but why do these knuckleheads CAMPAIGN for fake “climate change” while sending out non-“green” and likely un-“recyclable” heavy, glossy fliers?
      The answer is that the gullible leftists who fall for their Dem/Marxist nonsense are too far gone into irretrievable brainwashing already and probably don’t even notice the irony. And the candidates know it.
      Let THAT sink in.

    • Tired of the Bull CRAP! says

      A bit on the hypocritical side, wouldn’t you agree?? Just like using private jets – and mandating exp EVs that don’t work and Joe Blow can’t afford – but they (the elite) can. Oh – and what about these mansions that have acres of beautiful lawns and gardens, when we’re told not to water our little lawns or take showers every day. And – the list goes on ad nauseam!!!!

  2. Well my opinion every time I go out after bill time usually last wk of month until first wk of new month – then par down to once a wk- unless expecting pks – I collect a 1\2 bag of junk mail- my thoughts are in PO makes 4.8 billion on this rubbish- please have recycling bin next to our growing cluster of mailboxes and kindly take care of this growing burden- if anything is miss spelled or sentence structure wasn’t my doing

  3. They need to flood China’s cities with their climate change posters. I understand that even if the U.S. got to net zero emissions, it would not make any difference in the world’s climate, for principally two reasons: (1) China continues to pump out billions of pounds of emissions from its power plants and coal plants, and does so notwithstanding giving platitudes to the US and the UN about their concern for the environment, hoping the US stops energy production so they can take over all the energy markets; and (2) every volcano that erupts in the world releases enormous amounts of carbon and methane, perhaps more than the US can produce in many months. This world is getting more and more unstable politically so there may be many more life-altering issues in the next decade than “climate change.”

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