California Plans to Throw More Money at Homeless Despite Homelessness Rising

During the COVID-19 pandemic, homelessness in California tripled, meaning that only 36% of homeless people lived that way before the pandemic. Now, the Golden State is attempting to turn the situation around with a $12 billion spending package to create more permanent housing and mental health centers for the homeless. This is by far the largest spending spree California spent on this crisis, but as always, big spending doesn’t mean big solutions.

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One solution goes towards providing each homeless person a bed to sleep on, as across California, the ratio of beds to people is 1. 3. The bill created two projects which give homeless people temporary housing in hotel and motel rooms (Project Roomkey) and created roughly 6,000 new units (Project Homekey).

However, creating new short-term shelter options doesn’t help get people into permanent homes. Additionally, many homeless people don’t want to return to shelters where they are in danger of theft and violence by other destitute there.

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  1. What you reward, you get more of…

  2. Sheldon lawrence says

    when homeless people commit crimes, they should be subjected to the legal punishment for the crime. not a fine. that means jail. the jails would be filled quickly. lets build a jail for the homeless and make them work at something useful. they can avoid jail by not committing crimes.

  3. The homeless have become a voting bloc.

  4. Santa Barbara was the test case two decades ago. They spent money on shelters, give out $2,000 / month, and more. SB now has far more homeless welfare types then native born or long term residents.

    JW is right.

    Stupid is as stupid does.

    Are you voting Democrat? Why? Are you that insane?

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