VIDEO: Jon Coupal on the California State Budget

California state spending has increased 30 percent in the last five years, even with the recession. The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association is concerned about the level of spending and the level of debt.

VIDEO: CA Spending $33 Million to Remove Birds from Bridge

“Taxifornia” author James Lacy discusses the massive sums of money California is spending to remove birds from blocking Bay Bridge.

Why aren’t earthquake warnings better?

VIDEO: Jerry Brown’s false narrative of a California recovery

American Conservative Union board member Jim Lacy, author of Taxifornia, on Varney & Company discussing Governor Jerry Brown’s false narrative of a California recovery.


Peaceful protests by day, mayhem at night in Ferguson

From CNN:

VIDEO: Jim Lacy on the Obama administration picking winners and losers in business

ACU Board Member Jim Lacy appeared on Fox Business Network’s Stuart Varney Show on 8/15 to discuss the problems of government “picking and choosing winners and losers” in business in the case of California’s incentive offer to exempt Tesla from environmental regulations – but not the rest of the businesses in the state.

Two Senators Say Obama Is Ignoring Intelligence About This Major Threat To Attack The U.S.

Watch: Smugglers cross the U.S./Mexico border with ease

From NBC News:

Hamas militant rocket assembly

Border Patrol Agent gives honest answer on entering the U.S.