Get rid of Murray and the Super Committee lightweights!!!

Who would ever think that lightweight liberal Democrat permanent Washington state U.S. Senator Patty Murray could Chair the bogus Congressional “Supercommittee” and actually get that the problem in Washington, D.C, is that the Federal government SPENDS TOO MUCH and that the SPENDING HAS TO STOP.  Our nation has serious leadership problems IN THE DEMOCRAT PARTY!  All they need to cut is 3% of the budget!  The rest of us can do that, why can’t they?  In the meantime, unemployment will go up because of her failure and for the rest of us our retirement funds will fall to even lower levels.

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Time to throw all the incumbent Democrats out of office!!!


  1. Patty Baby is a hard core leftist, statist and will never change. She and my two Senators (Feinstein, Boxer) and my HR person, Lois Cap, are what I call bobble heads. Only direction they bobble is up and down (or yes for those who belong to OWS).

    With people like her and Senator Kerry on the committee, what chance did it have except “raise taxes, raise taxes).

    Anarchy ahead.

    This posted from the 2nd worst state (politically), in the US.

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