John Moorlach – Scary Week Ahead

Early this week, Californians will enjoy two major events. On Tuesday, they will participate in handing out candy to the children in their neighborhoods for Halloween. The next day, Sacramento will provide its own version of “trick or treat” by increasing the gas tax. It should be a scary week.

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Sacramento is to blame for neglecting the roads in California. Instead of addressing the symptoms, like bad management, budgeting and hiring, the majority party focused its attention on raising taxes (again!).

I have tried to research California’s Department of Transportation since I was elected on March 17, 2015.  The metrics suck. And my attempts to fix them have been voted down by the Democrats (see MOORLACH UPDATE — Caltrans Boondoggles).

A gas tax increase presents a real problem to a good number of Californians. Those who are wealthy and living near the coast won’t even notice. But, the following sampling of people will:

  • The 20 percent-plus of the population that are living at or below the poverty level (the highest percentage for any state in the nation – after four decades of Democrat control of the Legislature).
  • Those who have lengthy commutes into Orange County because they found affordable housing in the Inland Empire. Add to this those that commute great distances to get to their jobs in Silicon Valley. (And Sacramento wonders why its roads are in disrepair.)
  • Those who are spending nearly half of their disposable income on housing, thanks to increasing rents and home prices.

Expect plenty of editorials on the November 1st gas tax increase over the next few days.  Click here to read the article by the Napa Valley Register.


  1. Maybe a start to the “Revolution”? I’m polishing and sharpening my pitchfork!

  2. The advanced troops hit the beach in Playa del Rey.

    They forced the repeal of a road diet and are demanding “fixed” roads. How? Simple the voters finally found out that who they voted in does not and the party he represents does not represent the best interests of the public.

  3. Anita Hynds says

    Affordable housing everywhere in Orange County too. This place looks worse than LA. Traffic is horrible.We have no enough water for us. Our Governor and most of Demorats are mentally sick. REPUBLICANS from Orange County most of the time keep quite. That means agrees with everything.Gas Tax increases affect the cost of living of our people.

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