Tom Fuentes honored at Western CPAC

Tom Fuentes, the Chairman Emeritus of the Orange County Republican Party and long-time leader for “Reagan Republicans” in California was honored with the “Lifetime Achievement Award” of the Western Conservative Political Action Conference last night in Irvine, presented to him by past award-winner author Bruce Herschensohn.  Tom is elegantly battling cancer and it was great to see him out and at the event.  Here are his thoughtful remarks to the participants and activists at the event, which including Congressman Tom Price (R-GA), chairman of the House Republican Policy Committee, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, Assemblyman Alan Mansour, three former California State Republican chairs Mike Schroeder, Tirso del Junco and Ron Nehring, Orange County GOP chairman Scott Baugh, and representatives of a host of statewide conservative organizations.

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Remarks by THOMAS A. FUENTES, Chairman Emeritus, Republican Party of Orange County, California, Before the Western Conservative Political Action Conference Reception, Hyatt Regency Hotel Irvine, Saturday evening, October 15, 2011, Upon receipt of the  2011 LIFETIME ACHIVEMENT AWARD, Presented by BRUCE HERSCHENSOHN  

 Thank you, Bruce. Chairman Price, Chairman Lacy, Chairman Baugh, Chairman Schroeder, Chairman Nehring, Chairman Del Junco, – Mi Jefe! Congressman Rohrabacher, Tax Fighter Lew Uhler, Honorable and Distinguished Guests,

Thank you very much for this honor.

I am humbled by the kindness of the 2011 Western Conservative Political Action Conference in presenting this award.

I am even more flattered by the personal presence of you, so many much loved friends, this evening.

My family is with me, this evening, as well.  My wife Jolene, my daughter Michelle, and my sons T.j. and Joey.

It is always a joy to have the Western CPAC in our community.

It is a touching and heartfelt privilege to be the recipient of this recognition by fellow conservatives.

The award is beautiful.

This occasion  is a little like already dying and going to heaven.  Imagine, if you will, a great room full of conservative friends, beautiful ladies,  gentle harp music, a flowing bar,  the American Flag on display, patriotic Boy Scouts, and,  not a Liberal in sight!  For me, that is paradise!

I think that it is important that we conservatives gather and share common values and ideas. I think it is important that we remind each other that we have  a vision of mutual agendas and important goals.

We have noble tasks to preserve the original intentions of the Founders of our Republic.

In so many ways, our nation and our state have gone astray.  We conservatives have it as our duty to do all that we can do to return our society to its right path.

Tomorrow, Sunday,  is my 63rd birthday.  And, on Monday, I begin my Eleventh Week of my Hospice Care at home.  While I spend  most of my time in bed, these days,  I have the great care of wonderful nurses and my devoted doctor, and the loving attention of my family and visiting friends.

I can still use my laptop and my phone.  And, as long as I can, I will continue to work with you for conservative causes and victories.

Keep in touch with me, my friends.  Let me work with you.

Let us not allow the RINO’s nor the limousine liberals to take over our party or our cause.

Again, I thank you for this award.

And, I thank you for what each of you have done for the Conservative Movement.

Generously, you have done, what you have done, for all your fellow Americans, and for  generations to come.

I wish each and every one of you well.

Again, thank you.

God bless you, and good evening.

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