Voters Fed up with Teachers Unions, poll shows

Apparently voters are becoming more and more fed up with the power of teachers unions and the way the adversely impact education and classroom outcomes for students. And a new Gallup poll confirms the increasingly negative view held about teachers unions.

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As reported in the Education Radar newsletter:

According the Gallup survey, 71 percent of respondents said they have trust and confidence in the country’s teachers, while 47 percent said they believe the teachers unions have hurt education. A mere 26 percent believed unions have improved education.

“The general public is seeing the union as a … very hyper-political organization and they are realizing that they are often the biggest impediment to reform,” said Alexandra Schroeck, spokeswoman for the Association of American Educators, the nation’s largest non-union teacher organization. “The American public is waking up, and it’s interesting to see.”

The negative perception of teachers unions likely is fueled by recent debates on collective bargaining in Wisconsin, Indiana and other states, where the radical political positions of the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association have bubbled to the surface.

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