California Political Review breaks 21,000 Facebook fans!!

The editors at California Political Review are grateful for our loyal readers – and readership is breaking record levels right now!  CPR posts links of its articles from this website to its Facebook page, and that page is going through the roof with activity!  Earlier this week we crossed over 21,000 fans at!  Our reach on Facebook for the month of September is more than 186,000, with close to 30,000 post engagements, almost entirely what is termed “organic” activity, meaning, our Facebook fans are sharing articles and that helps us grow!  If you are on Facebook and have not visited the site, please do and give us a “like” too!

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Meanwhile, CPR continues to send a daily email to close to 30,000 subscribers on our email list (if you are not on the list, you can also look over to your right on this page and sign up!) and in the last month CPR had over 200,000 total Page views on this site according to our website hosting service.  CPR’s readership is larger and more highly ranked at than most any other comparative commentary/news services in our state.

We are dedicated to publishing commentary and news often overlooked by the main stream media in California and so very thankful at the great response and interest we are receiving from YOU, our readers!  Thank you!

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