Most Californians Want Their Elected Officials to Work With Trump – UC Berkeley Poll

California’s elected Democratic leaders have vowed to “resist” the Trump Administration.  Attorney General Xavier Becerra says he will invoke legal action to cut any funding to California, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee says he will “stand up to Trump,” Governor Jerry Brown has said California is “not turning back,”  Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters wants to impeach the new President, and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has embraced the notion of “resistance” to the Trump Administration at every turn.

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But these Democratic leaders appear out of tune with sentiments of Californians overall according to a new UC Berkeley poll which reveals that, although Donald Trump’s popularity in the state is at 39%, a clear majority of 53% of Californians would like their elected officials to work with Trump to try to fix the nation’s problems.  The poll also revealed that while Californian’s oppose the Trump Administration on many issues, that when it comes to infrastructure reform and improving the economy, they favor Trump’s approach.

A description of this interesting poll can be accessed here:



  1. I agree 100% with the poll, California is being held hostage to this unscrupulous Democratic undemocratic politicians that forgot that they’re not plantation landowners!

  2. Jesus Beltran says

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