Yosemite Won’t Be Back To Normal This Summer

Yosemite National Park will begin its busy spring and summer season with more open campgrounds, more available hotel rooms and more dining spots than last year. There’s even a newly revamped bar and pizza place opening next month.

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Still, visitors to Yosemite shouldn’t expect a return to normal anytime soon. Amid the lingering pandemic, park officials are planning to have fewer staff and limited services, and they haven’t ruled out caps on park admission and requiring reservations for entry, as they did last summer.

Officials have already decided that park shuttles won’t run, some campgrounds and hotels won’t open and the internationally famed High Sierra Camps will remain closed. Visitor centers also will be dark, though rangers will staff outdoor information kiosks and be present at major attractions. Additionally, masks will remain a requirement indoors and on heavily trafficked trails, and occupancy in shops and dining areas will be limited to allow for social distancing.

“Summer operations will definitely have a modified stance, as they did last year,” Yosemite spokesman Scott Gediman said. “We’re continuing to monitor conditions and look at things at a regional level and that will guide what we do. … But it’s our goal to offer as many services to visitors as we can.”

Yosemite is a pillar of the National Park Service. The granite domes, towering waterfalls and snow-capped peaks attract more than 4 million people each year, though last year attendance dropped by more than a third because of the pandemic. …

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