Abortion: The Black Community’s Holocaust—19 MILLION DEAD BLACK BABIES Since 1973

Since Roe v. Wade was made law, 19 MILLION black babies were murdered in the name of abortion and “choice.  What did Rev. Jess Jackson call this?

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1973– Jesse Jackson said, “Abortion is genocide. Anything growing is living…If you got the thrill to set the baby in motion and you don’t have the will to protect it, you’re dishonest…You try to avoid reproducing sickness. You try to avoid reproducing deformities. But you don’t try to stop reproducing and procreating human life at its best. For who knows the cure for cancer won’t come out of some mind of some Black child?” (Jet Magazine Mar 22, 1973; p. 15)

1975– Jesse Jackson joins Billy Graham’s wife for a constitution amendment banning abortion. Jackson and Mrs. Graham were among the signers issued by the Christian Action Council, which read in part, “A deep concern for defenseless human life, including the unborn as well as the handicapped, is a consistent element of Christian moral teaching from the days of the Apostles onward…It is not limited to any particular Christian confession or denomination.” ( Christian’s join Bishops Ban on Abortion The Milwaukee Journal – Dec 1, 1975) and (Protestant leaders back abortion plan: The Telegraph-Herald – Nov 27, 1975)”

We fought against genocide in Cambodia, Africa and in World War 11.  Yet, we have had and still have a genocide in this nation.  When you have Jesse Jackson calling it a genocide—before he became a political Democrat, you know that the black community is being devastated.  We are told the United States birth rate is the lowest in decades—this is one of the reason—19 million of just one race, exterminated.  What do you call this?  Please pass this along to your email lists, your friends and those who have been affected by this “choice” policy.

Abortion: The Black Community’s Holocaust

Sheriff David Clarke (Ret.), Townhall.com, Real Clear Politics,  5/20/19 


The timing of the Alabama state legislature’s abortion bill that makes it the most restrictive in the nation is perfect. It is perfect because as we enter a national election in 2020, it will be a front and center issue before the electorate—a better platform than before the Supreme Court. I don’t want the fate of an unborn child to be a judicial decision instead of a legislative one. Since the Supreme Court has determined that an unborn child has no constitutional protection to life until the third trimester, this decision should be returned to the states to decide under the Tenth Amendment.

Here are a few observations.

It is interesting that Governor Kay Ivey and the legislature indicated that they already know that this will end up in the federal courts, while Virginia and New York are considering aborting a child up to delivery and have no such reservations about those laws ending up in federal court.

The Alabama law allows for an abortion only if it is necessary to save the life of the woman. The current U.S. Supreme Court standard under Roe v. Wade holds in part that states may prohibit abortion after fetal viability so long as there are exceptions for the life and health (both physical and mental) of the woman.

Here is the elephant in the room that gets ignored in abortion discussions. The elephant is that abortion and race merits a discussion. We usually hear from white advocates for murdering babies, but they are never asked about its disparate impact on people of color as they like to call us.  According to Right to Life of Michigan statistics, “More than crime. More than accidents. More than cancer, heart disease, and AIDS. Abortion has taken more Black American lives than every other cause of death combined since 1973. In the United States, the abortion rate for Black women is almost four times that of White women. In 2014 36% of all abortions were performed on black women. On average, 900 Black babies are aborted every day in the United States. This tragedy continues to impact the population levels of African Americans in the United States.” It goes on to say that since the 1973 landmark decision, 19 million black babies have been aborted. Let that statistic sink in for a moment. For those who think that my comparison of black baby abortion with the holocaust is over the top; the definition of holocaust is the mass slaughter and reckless destruction of life.  

Another interesting observation is how Republican politicians handle an interview on the Alabama abortion law. They still stammer, stumble, and talk all around the issue trying to get to a non-answer. It is embarrassing. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said that he believes the Alabama law goes too far because it doesn’t allow abortion in the case of rape and incest. Why did he allow himself to be dragged down that rabbit hole? Rape and incest account for 1.5% of abortions. That means 98.5% of abortions do not involve rape or incest, so what is he talking about? That excuse allowed him an escape. McCarthy said that he believes that the most precious gift God gives is the gift of life. Really, Kevin? The Alabama law proves how precious life is. Your dribble does not.

McCarthy, like many GOP politicians, would rather not have to talk about it and that is why the timing of the Alabama law is perfect. Don’t you hate politicians who have no stable, clear core political beliefs, things they won’t waffle on no matter what, even if it means election defeat? They talk the talk on abortion but won’t walk the full walk. They take positions publicly, yet everything has a qualifying “but”. They are pro-life, but… They support the Second Amendment, but… They support religious freedom, but… We need to find out what GOP politicians are genuinely pro-life and which ones use it to virtue signal in front of GOP audiences to get a good score from pro-life organizations they can flaunt at election time.

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  1. People love to belittle the German civilians during WWII because millions of people were being killed by the German military, and they turned a blind eye. This country has killed ten times more (of the most innocent of life) and we call it a choice. The Bible tells us that God (Psalm 139:13) “…knit me together in my mother’s womb.” God is patient, but He will not be mocked.

    The fact that Jesse Jackson knew this (before he sold his soul to the devil) is stunning.

  2. Jeff Elfont says

    Or, that’s how many fewer Americans on social welfare programs, drug rehab, prison?

  3. Bogiewheel says

    And the progressive liberals are against the 2nd Amendment.

  4. America is barely keeping above the 2.0 per family population growth even with the open borders. Worldwide Muslim growth is unimpeded by abortion and promises to dominate the planet. There are some good reasons for abortion but casual sex is not one of them. What happened to our morals?

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