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Marcy Berry has written several articles for the California Political News and Views.  She has not submitted anything in a few months—then on Tuesday I received her newest article.  In the email to me this is what she said:

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Attached is an article for your consideration (just click delete if you don’t like it).  The article is from the  heart.  My family and I a few months ago decided California is not coming back from the brink just now. Very few a fighting for the survival of the state.  So, we moved to North Carolina.  We are not looking back.  

Marcy and her family are being followed out of State by tens of thousands of people every month.  While she has moved to North Carolina, I have been surprised at the large number going to Idaho.  I must admit, I do have one prejudice in life—I hate snow.  Add to that the extreme cold, I find it hard to believe how many have moved to Idaho.  Years ago, supreme California conservative legislative aide and political leader (former President of the CRA) Rick Statts moved to Idaho—and that shocked me, he was born and raised in Oakland.

Sadly after the first of the year we will see many more move due to the failure of the Newsom Recall.  Then we have a surge of residents leaving California when the school year end in May and June.  The leak in population leaving will turn into a flood.

California Emptyin’

Marcy Berry, Exclusive to the California Political News and Views  11/18/21

Some of us are old enough to remember the Mamas and the Papas’ iconic hit California Dreamin’

All the leaves are brown

And the sky is gray

I’ve been for a walk

On a winter’s day

I’d be safe and warm

If I was in L.A.

California dreamin’

On such a winter’s day

There was a time when people did dream of coming to California.  There was a time when L.A. was safe. But today, California is experiencing it’s own kind of winter’s day.  There is less of California dreamin’ and more of California emptyin’.

Today the middle class – the backbone of America’s economy – is choosing brown leaves and wintry days over California’s nightmare of inordinate living costs, back-breaking taxes, endless restrictions, miserable schools, homelessness, and unsightly streets.

As I look out of the window of my new home in North Carolina, I see loads of brown leaves.  I have already felt a couple of days of bone-chilling breezes, and I have been advised to purchase some heavy winter clothes.  And I have met several California ex-pats like myself who are happy to be here and are not looking back.  We are the middle class.  We are the workers on the ground.  And we are leaving California.

The California political class is either amazingly brilliant or abysmally dull on the head.  If their aim is to grow and cement inordinate power by methodically obliterating their constituents’ individual rights, they are doing a magnificent job.  If they are hoping to maintain California’s stature as having an impressive production of goods and services, they are, as the saying goes, not all there.

Either way, though, the picture is not pretty.  Either way, the state will disintegrate as other jurisdictions from Rome to Detroit have in the past.

This is the time to choose:  bail out, roll up your sleeves and fight, or quietly descend into irrelevance.

Our family chose to bail out of California.  But we have not chosen to stop fighting for the survival of the Republic our Founding Fathers envisioned.

We send you best wishes.

About Stephen Frank

Stephen Frank is the publisher and editor of California Political News and Views. He speaks all over California and appears as a guest on several radio shows each week. He has also served as a guest host on radio talk shows. He is a fulltime political consultant.


  1. We live in “East L.A.,” … That’s East Lower Alabama, if you please. And we see them coming here, and to just across the state line into NW Florida, every day.
    A half-dozen families in my little town have traded in California license plates for “Sweet Home Alabama” inscribed plates.
    And these aren’t the CA Crazies who spread Liberal Disease,these are normal folks, several of whom have already joined our county Republican Club.
    I met one of the transplants earlier this week…he had escaped from the other L.A. He has taken a middle management job at one of the car parts makers here…he said it pays $25k less than his job in the other L.A. but that he has $50k more disposable income here. As it turned he bought the house & 17 acres that touches my south property line. Howdy, neighbor!
    I know the deal — we moved here from Liberal & racist Atlanta nearly 20 years ago. We transitioned from a nice but smallish tract home & 1/8th acre lot to a property with hundreds of acres of valuable trees, built a large deluxe home & found the good life … for a fraction of the cost of buying & building a similar place within 100 miles of Atlanta.
    Lower taxes, lower building costs, lower overall cost of living … with no gangs, no drug paraphernalia or zonked out druggies laying in the gutter, no poop on the streets…and no hard winter’s, no water rationing…none of California’s deficits… and especially no government entities fanning racial animus…
    So please, normal people — feel free to come to the “New Old South” …

    • I grew up in Hotlanta when it was better…1959-1991….got a great education and training there but the horrors of the last election plus other political stuff have left me looking where to go back. It’s been a nightmare in San Francisco ,where I went during a divorce to get away from crazies, knowing none of them would follow….but got caught up in a bad job at the University of California, San Francisco – where that wonderful training in Atlanta in architecture made me “too high class” and I caught many on the take doing illegal specs….they were trying to get me involved and it took a long time to figure it out….the laws are different out here from everyone else. So it ruined me, by the time I had run the (forced into) whistleblowing court case out…with bad attorneys and a slam dunk case…..Obama got in and destroyed the economy with architects hit very badly. I couldn’t move back. Now with decades of experience, after Trump got in, I had to wait through the draftsmen to be picked up first. Right before Covid, one of the manufacturers not involved in the scam I caught onto wanted to hire me, but it was in PA and not in a good area in case anything bad happened….and I was right. After COVID? and after having my resume online for over 13 years…I just got three calls from headhunters in the past three weeks. Had my license in GA, FL, AL, TX and CA now…so I could go back. Thought about NC, maybe AL or eastern TN or FL. Looking to get out! Being a conservative and only can see my church on TV in north Atlanta – it’s hard out here. The Dem/Communists out here have gone way over the edge. Don’t know how to manage the environment as I saw them doing all over the south with the Soil Conservation Service, US Forest Service and US Army Corps of Engineers with their great management of the forests, water, dams, soils….and so much more they really do not know. Very uneducated and very selfish society. So sad out here. I am hoping to get back soon, was on the hapless SF GOP (what a disaster group infiltrated by Dems!)….can’t wait to get back – but it won’t be Atlanta!!!! So many of the conservatives out here are LEAVING!!! and going to good places!!!!

  2. we moved from the Bay area to Arizona 3 years ago. The best decision of our lives. We live in the mountains of Arizona so there are no 100+ degree days, just beautiful mountain weather.

    Notice I did not say the name of the town. The city’s plan is to grow a 1% per year, but lately we have been growing at 5%. The last city council/mayor’s election saw the candidates promising to slow growth win all the seats. People talk about all the California license plates in town and if the city’s plans for water are sustainable with the growth. The Mayor recently said on his radio show “if you are coming from California and want to bring your liberal values, please stay in California. If you want to enjoy our western, conservative values, please join us.”

    Actually, Democrats have decided we are a battleground state and are coming in droves. A former member of the Governor’s staff has said that emergency planning for the state includes what happens when/if an 8.0 earthquake hits downtown L.A. and half the population heads for Arizona.

    I have read Steve’s column for years (and have contributed to it). Now I read it with the satisfaction, reinforced almost daily, that we made the right decision. So, if you are thinking about leaving California, congratulations, I hear Idaho, Tennessee, North Carolina, etc are all beautiful (actually most of the country is beautiful). Good luck with your decision to leave; you are doing the right thing.

    P.S.: my property taxes are 1/3 what they were in California for a beautiful home on a 1 acre lot…

  3. Just returned from Mississippi, where gas prices just climbed over $3.00 a gallon for the first time! Looked at a beautiful 2,400 square foot single story home with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths on a large lot, that was appraised at a whopping $200,000. I know it’s Mississippi, but folks will learn to love Mississippi!

    • We are one of those families. We just got to San Antonio last week and are not looking back. My brother is working hard to find work here (that can sustain his family) so his family can join us. My parents, we hope, will soon follow. I have 3 young adult children whom I hope will get out of CA while there is still time…

  4. I moved to Florida in late May after living in CA for 35 years. I was born and raised in Central Florida so it is great to be back home. My vote didn’t count in California for almost 30 years. Most people in Florida are friendly and say “hi” (unless they moved here from New York!). Governor DeSantis just announced that there are now more Republicans registered in Florida than Democrats. That is a big change! Governor DeSantis and the legislature continue to fight for our freedoms.

    Three years ago I started two Facebook groups, “Leaving California” and “Life After California”. Combined, they have over 115,000 members. Come join us if you want to leave California and move to America!

    • I will join, am in San Francisco since 1991 and been trying to get back since very end of 2008. Lived in Atlanta for 31 years, but it’s not an option anymore…so looking elsewhere in the south.

  5. Were it not for my children living close by, I to would be joining my friends Marcy Berry and Hal Bray to exit California for greener pastures.

    Ironically, both of these individuals have joined my good friend Dr. Richard Colman and myself for our weekly lunches to discuss politics and other issues of our times.

    Both Marcy and Hal are first rate individuals whose company I will deafly miss in the future. While there is little chance they will move back to the Golden State, it is my hope more of my friends will not depart this place where I have spent my entire life.

  6. They forced us out in the hopes we move to red states and vote blue. Turning Texas (where I have moved) Florida and maybe eventually Tennessee. Texan natives are are concerned, to say the least, about their Texas turning blue. Google and facebook are expediting the blue swamp move. My fellow Texans tell me to tell every Red Californian to move to Texas. They want you here! They also say, let them know that their vote is wasted in CA and if they come here they can save this great state. My great grandfather came to my home town in the bay area in 1900. I am the first with my last name to leave. My wife’s family is born and raised in the same town and she is the one that started the conversation of moving. We moved to a town where we don’t know anyone (ok a few but not well) and we are very happy we made the move. I hope the best for my fellow Californians who are brave enough to stay and fight. I hope even better for those who come to play a part in saving Texas.

  7. Marcy Berry says it all. We moved this past January to Tennessee. We followed one of our children here. I was Covid retired and at my age was unable to find similar work at similar pay. Because if the state self-destructing over the bast two decades and this insane political climate and all the other quality of life issues this third generation Angeleno had to turn and leave and never look back. My mortgage is lass than one third my rent was and every thing else is much less. Besides the people here are wonderful. We spend time with neighbors and have started making new friends. Another child of ours has moved nearby. We miss the friends and family we left but the California is unlivable and on a death spiral. Things have to hit rock bottom before there will be any chance of tuning it around.

  8. Dr. Trent Saxton says

    Moved to Idaho, three months ago, it’s full…go somewhere else…

  9. Debra Jackson says

    Left all my family and friends after 65 years born and raised in CA. Determined it would never recover from the destruction of Democrat policies during my lifetime. Moved to Idaho. Don’t miss CA politics and taxes at all! Idaho has its RINO problems and we have a weak, feckless Guv Little who needs to go. We have a Chamber of Commerce bought and paid for legislature but it’s still better than CA. It’s at least still salvageable. No regrets moving. It was a hard decision but we’ll worth it!

  10. We just visited my brother in Kingsport, Tenn. Beautiful mountain country with green valleys over every ridge. We did some tourist stuff and had a chance to talk to some of the locals. One young lady had a best friend in real estate. She said her friend was talking photos and video of property listed for sale and sending it off to interested buyers in the NYC and NE areas. No problem…they are buying without ever seeing the property in person. My brother’s house is 3500 sq ft on 3/4 acre..all custom. It was built about 25 years ago and in a very nice area of brick homes. He bought if five years ago for $210,000. Obviously prices have gone up but nothing like Calif. Time to go if you are thinking about it. You will have high humidity in the summer.Winters you might get one or two light snowfalls. We are staying in Calif as family is here. If our daughter moves out we will probably go also….and having grown up in Iowa I hate wet snow and humidity.

  11. George Miller says

    Yes, sad. We came to CA in 1980, when it still seemed like the promised land. But it has slowly gone to hell. We sold our newspaper, home and moved to FL in June, before we even found a house there. It is hard to tear up roots and start over after 41 years, but it was the best decision, given what has done to our beautiful state by the far left.

  12. Any Democrat worth his or her salt will tell you that the above statements do not reflect their views in the least. That should tell you something.

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