Eber: Solving problems in the border

We have open borders.  We have an unrestricted drug cartel and human sex trafficking network.  The cost to Californians is in the tens of billions—the cost to our lives is a massive crime wave.  For whatever reason, Joe Biden prefers criminal activities than protecting Americans.

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Close the border.  Period.

Deport those who have violated our laws.

Want asylum?  You should have gotten it or at least asked for it in the nations you passed through before you illegal came to our borders.

Our national security is at stake with the open borders.

Why are we more concerned with protecting the borders of the Ukraine, then the borders of the United States?  That is the big question.

Solving problems in the border by Richard Eber

Richard Eber, Exclusive to the California Political News and Views  3/2/23

When it comes to the million plus illegal aliens and harmful drugs crossing the Southern border of the United States each year, I’m beginning to sound like Howard Beale, the fictional character from the movie Network.

Out of frustration with society he remarked “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.”

In a world where various criminal Mexican Drug Cartels are grossing over 7 billion dollars a month in net revenue, the government of the United States stands idly by watching this travesty every day of the year.

How can it be Mexican criminal enterprises gross receipts equals what has been given in military aid by the USA to the Ukraine, since when the war began?

We have come to the point where sending politicians to visit the border or firing ineffective Homeland Security Chief Alejandro Mayorkas is not enough.  Before our country succumbs from its Woke slumber, we need to elect a new President who is willing to do what is necessary to clean up the mess there.

Keeping out unwanted refugees from foreign countries is a relatively easy process that does not require a change immigration laws. Bringing law and order to the Southern border entails:

  • Those wanting to move to the USA must apply in their home countries.  Outside of those whose lives are in danger from political oppression, we will go back to a lottery weighted system that favors of those who have skills that are in short supply in this country.
  • Those migrants who cross our border without permission should be immediately returned to their home countries and be prohibited to apply for a visa to even visit the United States for 10 years.
  • Donald Trump’s wall needs be finished and expanded while being guarded by special National Guard Units or domestic military units.
  • Homeland Security, the FBI, and Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) need to concentrate their efforts in preventing the importation of Fentanyl, cocaine, methamphetamines  and other harmful substances

The Federal Government, starting with the President of the United States, must demand the Government of Mexico to control the activities of their powerful Drug Cartels.  As a starter they must limit migrants crossing the Mexican border with Central America making their way to America.  It would seem if there are no customers being able pay $ 15,000 per head to be delivered to Texas, Arizona, or California, a lot of our current problems will disappear.

When it comes to curtailing the importation of illegal drugs to this country, we can’t expect the drug cartels to abandon their cash cows.  However, we can sure make it more difficult and expensive for them to do so.

Along with this, stiff Federal prison terms need to be given for those who continue their criminal enterprises.  I would be more than willing to trade hard labor for additional time spent behind bars as has worked well in China to discourage breaking the law.

Talking about China, Joe Biden or whomever succeeds him next year, needs to bluntly tell the President of China Xí Jìnpíng to stop exporting chemicals to Mexico that the cartel is using to manufacture Fentanyl and other substances.

This should be a one sided discussion.  Failure to abide to halt these chemicals of death imports will result in cut-off of most foreign trade between the two countries.

Getting co-operation from the Mexican Government might prove to be more difficult.  Unfortunately, it is uncertain who controls the county.  Is it the President who resides in Mexico City or the Cartels who control a significant segment of their economy?

What to do?  The United States government needs to give their counterparts in Mexico 120 days to stem illegal immigration and put the Cartel in check.  Actually this approach worked very well under President Trump, even if some feelings were hurt.

 During his first campaign Trump remarked, Mexico’s court system is corrupt. I want nothing to do with Mexico other than to build an impenetrable WALL and stop them from ripping off U.S.”

It is a well known fact that while in office his remain in Mexico policy, building the wall, and his threats to the Mexican Government had a positive effect in stemming illegal immigration and limiting illegal drug importation.

Unfortunately, things have changed since then.  The Cartels 100 billion dollar profits are not going to be given up easily.  It is doubtful the current Mexican President could do much; even if he wanted to.

If political pressure fails the United States should consider using drone and missile strikes against drug manufacturing facilities in Mexico and those who run them.  This might sound a bit Draconian but with our country expecting some 100,000 Fentanyl O.D.’s this year; don’t we owe past and present victims more effort to end this plague?

If this sounds like a Nationalistic approach, so be it.

Its ironic Progressive Democratic leadership from Washington D.C. Sacramento, while supporting Sanctuary Cities, has little to say about our border being overrun by illegal aliens and drugs.

I for one am not willing to surrender even if it will be necessary to hurt the feelings of Wokes or for me to take on the persona of Howard Beale. “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.”

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