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Stephen Frank, California Political News and Views, 12/6/22 


Catching up on political tidbits

  1.  More on the California Federation of Republican Woman and the fall out from the Rogue Nine efforts.
  2.  The Orange CFRW are down to 30 members.  The group that wanted to be GOP activists started an independent club—now has over 200 members.
  3. Two San Fernando Valley clubs are looking at merging—both had lost over half their members.
  4. Another San Fernando Valley club is down to 14 members.
  5. The bigger question is if the Rogue Nine “succeed”, what happens to the Encino Charter Oaks Club, the home club of Janet Price—will they go independent.
  6. Getting more calls and emails from noted CFRW leaders around the State—they are looking at not paying their 2023 dues and instead get involved in productive GOP action.
  7. Is this why CRP Chair Jessica Patterson is now the California Election Denier?  She appears to be supporting the Rogue Nine—even though they violated CFRW rules.  If Jessica will not support the CFRW by laws, is you CRP Chartered club next for destruction?
  8. Jessica the Election Denier is also refusing as of Monday night to abide by the bylaws of the County Chairman Association and acknowledge the new Chair, Michelle Guerra of Solano County.  Instead she is still recognizing Dwight Williams as Chair, though in his time as Chair did literally nothing—including in his home county of San Joaquin, in which he is Chair.  He is a CINO—a Chair in Name Only.
  9. It still looks like John Dennis of San Fran is going to run for Chair of the County Chairs.  Look at his leadership and great things he has done in San Fran to qualify him for this position.
  10. Jessica Patterson put out a very funny press release—sharing the glory with the NRCC for the 12 members of Congress from California.  She claimed that John Duarte “flipped a Democrat sat—that is true, if you ignore the facts.  This was NOT a Democrat seat—it was the Devin Nunes seat, currently held by Connie Conroy.  This was not a flip but a hold—yet even with this being a GOP seat, Duarte won by only 500 or so votes.  Imagine his margin if Patterson allowed the CRP, for the past NINE years to register Republican voters in the District!! 
  11.  We started the election with 19 Assembly seats—it may be done to 16 or 17.  Greg Wallis, of Chad Mayes office is about 30 votes ahead.  Think Wallis, backed by Patterson is going to be different that Mayes—who was also backed by Patterson and proclaimed as a product of the California Trailblazers. In Congress we started the election with 11 members—thanks to the redistricting commission which thought it was getting rid of McClintock, instead create two seats for the GOP—Kiley and McClintock.  Even then Jessica had a candidate in the primary to defeat Kiley—or at least rough him up enough to lose in the General election.  This is similar to the San Joaquin District with conservative Supervisor Tom Pattie, being roughed up by Jonathan Madison, a Jessica sycophant on the Board of Directors—sadly Patti was roughed up enough so the Democrat won in the General.

Go back several years in Ventura County when Rob McCoy, a Pastor and conservative ran for Assembly.  Jessica found a 26 year old who ran his insurance company out of his bedroom—spent the whole primary denouncing McCoy—and that is how Democrat Jackie Irwin became an Assembly member.

Then you have the State Senate.  We started with 9.  Then GOP Minority Leader used GOP money to elect a Democrat in SD4—a very red district—and he succeeded.  Now David Shepard, trying to hold the Andreas Borgeas GOP seat, is about 30 votes behind.  We could be done to 7.


  1.  Another Newsom scam.  All of that hair gel could not have friedWill they give back the money they took from his brain not to know that corporations have NEVER p[aid taxes.  Any tax levied by government is paid by the customer and the consumer.  This is really his way to harm the poor and middle class of California—the rich can afford any tax the Democrats add.

Newsom, accusing oil industry of price gouging, unveils plan to cap refinery profits — According to Newsom’s plan, the governor is asking the Legislature to enact a yet-to-be-determined “maximum gross gasoline refining margin” — or profit cap — based on a monthly calculation of the average profit per barrel that an oil refiner earns for wholesale gasoline. Taryn Luna in the Los Angeles Times$ — 12/5/22

  • Will they give back the money Bankman Fried stole from investors?  I doubt it.

Disgraced crypto exec Sam Bankman-Fried spent big in two SoCal Congress races — Outside groups connected to the FTX co-founder spent about $2.4 million to support the congressional campaigns of Robert Garcia and Sydney Kamlager. Laura J. Nelson in the Los Angeles Times$ — 12/5/22

  •  Facing Reality. The good news is that many of these folks won’t go to jail for the crime of censoring the news to fix an election in conjunction with the Democrat National Committee, the Biden Crime Family and the DOJ, including the FBI

Bay Area tech workers react to layoff axes with shock, and ‘more pain’ is coming — Now, nearly 8,000 tech and biotech workers have lost their jobs at companies including Facebook-parent Meta, Oracle, Twitter, Lyft, Roku, Seagate, PayPal and GoFundMe in layoffs big enough to trigger regulatory notification, and many more have been let go in smaller layoffs. This week, San Francisco on-demand delivery company DoorDash announced 1,250 corporate job cuts. Ethan Baron in the San Jose Mercury$ — 12/5/22

  • Free fares—and get a disease, sit among dirt and if “lucky” get to see a crime—or if very lucky, be a crime victim.  This is why government is broke.

LA Metro bends to critics, adopts pay as you go and removes fare hikes — After getting overwhelming pushback against fare hikes from low-income transit riders and groups that favor low fares and free rides, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Board of Directors on Thursday, Dec. 1, adopted a pay-as-you-go fare structure and removed hikes to the base fares and fares charged to seniors and disabled riders. Steve Scauzillo in the Los Angeles Daily News$ — 12/5/22

 (Periodically the California Political News and Views will publish tidbits of political news, to

keep you in the loop of what the pooh bahs know.  The phrase “tom/tom’s” comes from my

mentor, Lorelei Kinder who never passed a rumor, just called to tell me what she heard on the

“Tom/Tom’s”.  This column is named in her honor.)

About Stephen Frank

Stephen Frank is the publisher and editor of California Political News and Views. He speaks all over California and appears as a guest on several radio shows each week. He has also served as a guest host on radio talk shows. He is a fulltime political consultant.


  1. Perhaps somewhere in this political mess there will come some reality of the destruction of America. This next year – and the recession that will happen – are going to lead many to face the responsibility for themselves. That will NOT sit well because once given the expectation is that it will be there forever. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

  2. Thank you for sharing all that is happening in the California Federation of Republican Women. It is a very sad story to watch this once strong federation disappear before our eyes.

    The California Federation of Republican Women cannot blame its demise on Democrats but on its own actions – at least the actions of the Rogue Nine Members. A bunch of women at the executive level who think they “own” the membership. Isn’t this just what happens to many Republicans who are elected to Congress? They get to DC and start to think they “own” the voters.

    When this is over – and when several attorneys are a lot richer – there won’t be much of a California Federation to save. Maybe the Rogue Nine Members can merge with what remains of CFRW with CAGOP since CFRW cozies up to the RINO CAGOP and its Chair Jessica Patterson.

    Clubs planning to go independent have less than one month to wither down their bank accounts. Otherwise, that money goes to CFRW and maybe NFRW.

    This would be a great time to donate to nonprofit organizations that help wounded veterans or homeless veterans. It would also be a great time to give out scholarships to conservative students who aren’t getting Biden’s free giveaways. Donate that money before your club goes independent or else your bank accounts go to CFRW/NFRW.

    Clubs that remain in the Federation might organically wither away as independent clubs with activist agendas entice the membership to join. My friends in Orange County tell me that is exactly what has happened to the City of Orange RWF club. It now has about 30 members while the new Conservative Patriots of Orange County has record-breaking membership of about 250 in its first year. (Not sure the exact number but it is definitely more than 200 members.)

    Who wants to belong to an organization like CFRW that tosses out its duly-elected president and won’t tell the membership why?

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