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Stephen Frank, Exclusive to the California Political News and Views,  6/7/23


The Leadership Institute is the nations’ premier training center for conservatives.  Started by Morton Blackwell, it has trained two generations of conservative leaders.  In the 1980’s I attended several of their sessions, including a week long one in Virginia—to learn how to run political campaigns.

In California they are running a series of training sessions, from fund raising, to grassroots, to recruitment of volunteers and much more.  But, instead of using folks that have built the conservative movement in California they are using people who have killed it—though claiming to be a conservative.

Some sessions have David Reade as the trainer.  Reade is best known for controlling the proxies in the California Republican Party—telling people he is a conservative—then allowing the Establishment to own the proxy and keep conservatives from leadership positions and Committees.  He has been instrumental in the nomination of folks like Nathan Hochman—who is not longer a Republican, and many more.

Then you have Duane Dichara.  He was the person, for many years who gave us Kevin Faulconer, need I say more.  Duane is a conservative—but with Reade has kept conservatives from leadership in the CRP.

You have others who for years have been consultants, very well paid, to the CRP and even advising on redistricting—we have seen how that has worked out.

My suggestion is simple, BEFORE signing up for a Leadership Institute training session, find out who the trainers are.  If they are folks that have keep conservatives from running for office, putting them through California Trailfailures, so the Establishment can out them and put up candidates against them, do not attend.

Do not allow any them to say they are conservative because they teach for the Leadership Institute.  Sadly LI in California has been used against conservatives.  It is time to stop supporting those that have harmed our values and principles

  1. Note in every article about Steve Garvey running for U.S. Senate, Andy Gimmeecandy is quoted—but not a word from Garvey himself—as if he was the invisible candidate.  While it says that Garvey has discussed his running for Senate, HE is never quoted.  How do we know what the issues are he is concerned about or how he would resolve them?  Apparently, only Andy knows.

Here is another example:  “Los Angeles Dodgers legend and Republican Steve Garvey has discussed the possibility of running to succeed Sen. Dianne Feinstein, a move that would reshape California’s marquee Senate race.

“He is seriously considering entering the race,” consultant Andy Gharakhani, who is advising the former All-Star, said in a text message. “He’s concerned about the same issues facing all Californians, out of control cost-of-living and high taxes, rising crime and lack of opportunities.”

Politico 6/1/23   Former Dodger All-Star Steve Garvey weighs run to replace Feinstein in California – POLITICO

It may be that Garvey is unable to answer the question why he is running—or his background.  Here is an article the DEMOCRATS are circulating about Garvey.  It is from 1989, Sorts Illustrated, but tells you about the man.  Imagine this is in ad—or having him explain himself.

“Well, boys and girls, stick this in your lunchboxes: Garvey currently is on one side or the other of four lawsuits, having settled two others since Oct. 6. He keeps at least five lawyers in suspenders. In the space of eight months, he had affairs with three women at once, impregnated two and married a fourth. A judge jailed his former wife for contempt of court for not letting him see his kids, and a psychiatrist testified that the kids, who say they don’t want to see Garvey, are suffering from “parental alienation syndrome.” He’s up to his chiseled chin in debt, into the scary seven figures. Two former business associates have sued him. Other than that, it has been all apple pie and porch swings.”  From the Vault, https://vault.si.com/vault/1989/11/27/americas-sweetheart-life-may-seem-an-idyll-for-steve-garvey-and-his-new-wife-candace-left-but-baseballs-mr-clean-is-the-butt-of-jokes-about-his-sex-life-and-he-says-he-is-broke

The above article is from Sports Illustrated.  Garvey was 40 years old at the time, he is now 74.

  • Assemblyman Greg Wallis of Palm Springs, former Chief of Staff for Chad Mayes, is the ONLY Republican sponsor of ACA 5.  Almost every Democrat in the Senate and Assembly support this.  What does it do?

“ACA 5, as amended, Low. Marriage equality.

The California Constitution provides that only a marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California, and federal law permanently enjoins the state from enforcing this constitutional provision.

This measure would repeal this unenforceable constitutional provision and would instead provide that the right to marry is a fundamental right, as specified.

If this language looks familiar—Wallis has introduced this as an amendment to the California Republican Party Platform—word for word the position of the Democrat Party.  No other Republican is co-sponsoring this bill—which overturns the vote of the people on Prop. 8.

Thought you should know.

  •  Thought you should know who is thinking of running for Lt. Governor—these folks are collecting donations for this race.  Scott Wilk used donations for his Lt. Governor Race to finance two mailings to help a Democrat get elected to the State Senate in a Republican district—he succeeded and we lost another State Senate seat. Note the other Republican like Jordan Cunningham, Melissa Melendez, Brian Dahle, Brian Jones.  Oh and GOP hater, Chad Mayes.

This is from Politico, 6/1/23, https://www.politico.com/newsletters/california-playbook/2023/06/01/keep-your-options-open-00099602

“Ma, for what it’s worth, has $3.5 million across all her accounts, according to her campaign. Others keeping the LG option open include former legislators Frank Bigelow, Autumn Burke, Ian Calderon, Jordan Cunningham, Chad Mayes and Melissa Melendez. Also on the list are Mike Gatto; Reps. Robert Garcia and Jimmy Gomez; former State Treasurer Bill Lockyer; Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara; as well as current legislators Bill Dodd, Brian Dahle, Steven Bradford, Susan Eggman, Steve Glazer, Brian Jones. Reggie Jones-Saywer, Josh Newman, Patrick O’Donnell and Scott Wilk.”

  •  Need more proof that San Fran has collapsed economically?  Plus two major hotels, Parc 55 and the Hilton are bankrupt.

Owners are walking away from downtown S.F. buildings. We mapped 13 in financial crisis — Since the beginning of the pandemic, the owners of 13 downtown office buildings, hotels and other major commercial properties have missed loan payments or are otherwise in dire financial straits, a Chronicle analysis finds. Noah Arroyo, Roland Li in the San Francisco Chronicle$ — 6/6/23

  •  Adding to the financial collapse of California is Hollywood.  If these folks go on strike, Hollywood closes down—Texas, Georgia Florida become the beneficiaries of the union control of Hollywood.

TV, film and radio actors authorized a strike. Here’s what that means — TV, film and radio actors and other performers voted to authorize a strike Monday night, bringing their union one step closer to joining a month-long walkout by Hollywood writers, which would dramatically escalate the U.S. entertainment industry’s labor crisis. Samantha Chery in the Washington Post$ — 6/6/23

 (Periodically the California Political News and Views will publish tidbits of political news, to keep you in the loop of what the pooh bahs know.  The phrase “tom/tom’s” comes from my mentor, Lorelei Kinder who never passed a rumor, just called to tell me what she heard on the “TomTom’s”.  This column is named in her honor.)

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