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Stephen Frank, Exclusive to the California Political News and Views,  9/20/23     www.capoliticalreview.com

Suzette Valladares:  I will speak as LONG as I want, I am Suzette Valladares

Monday night the LAGOP held an endorsing meeting for State Senate—to replace the termed out Scott Wilk.  Per the rules, each candidate was given two minutes to speak.  DJ Hamburger spoke for his two minutes and then Suzette Valladares had her two minutes.  With 15 seconds to go, a chime went off, notifying her time was about up.  At two minutes she continued to speak—it took a while but the Chair, the man giving us a “say nothing” CRP Platform, Tim O’Reilly, announced your time is up.  She announced, she had been “attacked” so she is going to speak as long as she wants.

At that point organically, the room broke out with shouts of “YOUR TIME IS UP, YOUR TIME IS UP:–and she continued going.

What were these attacks?  Like a Democrats she was upset that people were told the TRUTH about her voting record.  She SUPPORTED a bill to take away the right of parents to know if teachers were sexual grooming and secretly transitioning their children.  In 2020 she ran for Assembly as a pro-life candidate.  She even signed the Salt and Light Council Family Pledge.  Then in 2022 she voted to put the expansion of abortion on the Statewide ballot.  She did the same reverse  in re: traditional marriage.  The “attack” was repeating her voting record.

A month ago she tried to get the LAGOP endorsement—Valladares fell five votes short.  This time she fell six votes short—and when the video of her meltdown comes out, my guess is that she should not even show up for another attempt. (for the several people that videoed it, I will be happy to publish it).

It is actually WORSE than that!! GOP State Senate Leader Brian Jones came up from San Diego to Arcadia to promote a vote FOR Suzette. CRP Vice Chair Corrine Rankin came from the Sacramento area to push for a Valladares endorsement. The self proclaimed Eisenhower Republican, Tim O’Reilly, recently rewarded with a seat on the CRP Board for providing a Platform the Democrats would applaud, worked for votes for Suzette. The vote was a repudiation of CRP and Legislative leadership. It looks like those from the community and the district want a candidate they can trust–not one that has the “right” endorsements.

For Valladares, this could be the end.  She told pro-lifers she was pro-life and signed a pledge in 2020.  Then on October 4, 2022 she sent a blast text:

“Hi, its Asm. Suzette Valladares.  I support a womens right to make her own health choices and voted to place that right in our state Constitution.  I will vote again to protect that right this November on the ballot.  Thank you.  Paid for by Suzette Martinez Valladares for Assembly 2022.  Txt STOP to opt out.”

It has to be noted that she has been silent about the CRP Platform and its opposition to traditional marriage and the protection of babies.  Was she to get the nomination for State Senate, both Democrats and Republicans will have the same question about her: HOW DO YOU TRUST A CANDIDATE WHO SIGNED A PRO-LIFE PLEDGE THEN SUPPORTED A PRO-CHOICE BALLOT MEASURE?  What does she really stand for?  Except for herself.  Why do GOP’ers lose?  Because our GOP elected officials and leaders support someone who gets caught lying too easily.

 (Periodically the California Political News and Views will publish tidbits of political news, to keep you in the loop of what the pooh bahs know.  The phrase “tom/tom’s” comes from my mentor, Lorelei Kinder who never passed a rumor, just called to tell me what she heard on the “TomTom’s”.  This column is named in her honor.)

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  1. California Conservative says

    Glad she didn’t get the endorsement and I hope she never does.
    The people are tired of players making our decisions for us!

    The overreach on the platform is waking up so many people to the hoodwinks of the CAGOP inner circle.
    Not sure they will ever be trusted again.

  2. Vince de vargas says

    abortion is not a health issue. it is choice to murder your child or not.

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