This is a simple story of corruption, fraud and abuse of the taxpayer.  It does not take a third grader to know when a Governor has stolen money.

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In 2014 the people of California passed a bond that included $5.7 billion to BUILD water storage facilities. Since then, neither Jerry Brown or Gavin Newsom has spent a dime of it to create new facilities or expand and repair old dams.

Now, we find out the Hollywood Slicky is using the money to DEMOLISH dams—with NO replacement for the water lost.  We already have a massive lack of water due to government—NOT the drought.  Newsom wants to add to the economic disaster by using tax dollars to kill off dams.

Sadly, the hearing was held and the Judge did not care if Newsom stole our water money or caused economic hardship.  He threw out the lawsuit.  This lack of water affects all Californians—worse we are paying for our own demise.  Congrats to Richard Marshall and his allies in fighting for California.


Special to the California Political News and Views,  2/14/23

On Wednesday February 15, 2023 at 1:30PM the Superior Court of Siskiyou County will have its first hearing on the Taxpayer Lawsuit filed by Anthony Intiso SCSC 22CV00609.  The Defendants are The State of California, Gavin C. Newsom, in his official capacity as Governor of California, The State of California Natural Resources Agency and Wade Crowfoot in his official capacity as Secretary of the State of California Natural Resources Agency.  Mr. Intiso is appearing as Plaintiff Pro Per.

The suit alleges that the above Defendants are illegally spending funds from the 2014 Bond Act entitled as the “Clean Water and Water Storage Act”.  There was no mention of removing Klamath Hydropower Facilities and the Act specifically excluded projects which would have an adverse impact on “Wild and Scenic Rivers”.  The EIR /EIS prepared by the Federal Energy Regulatory Agency specifically states in numerous places that the removal of these facilities on the Klamath would have a substantial adverse impact on the Klamath River, a designated “Wild and Scenic River”.  These direct impacts are in addition to the direct and indirect impacts on the surrounding properties. Had the voting public been informed that they were voting to remove hydroelectric facilities the Bond Issue most likely would not have passed.

The lawsuit requests that the Court authorize a Temporary Restraining Order and Injunction against the Defendants continuing the funding from the 2014 Clean Water Bond issue for the removal of the Klamath Hydroelectric Facilities.

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  1. Rigged elections have consequences.

    • Steve Douglass says

      There would be more consequences if there was proof.

      • Richard Wahl says

        There is plenty of proof. In fact, Election Integrity Project has been successful thus far in their lawsuit against the elections offices for corruption in something like 13 counties. You can get involved and help us monitor elections. We had 17,000 volunteers for the 2020 election. The case only got to court later last year after the state stonewalled preventing a court date.

  2. Decades ago, smart governors of California built highways, bridges and water storage/distribution systems to attract a mass influx of people to the Golden State. 40% of the budget went onto these improvements.10% went to social services.
    Our state has more than doubled in population since then. Now 10% of the budget goes to infrastructure and (you guessed it) 40% goes to Social Services. Sanctuary city madness may soon drive it to 50%.
    Our democrat socialist Marxist cabal in Sacramento is diligently plucking the feathers of our Golden Goose.
    Incumbents are the enemy. Vote the rascals OUT!

    • During that doubling of the CA population from 20M to 40M, only one dam was built in 50 years (1979). Somebody is on an intentional destruction of CA campaign.

  3. Hummmmm refusing to do what voters voted for?

    Isn’t that IMPEACHMENT TIME?

    By-golly I Really!!! think it is.

    File the lawsuit and then file articles of impeachment.

  4. Niot impeachment. Rather long prison terms. Let’s Go after them on the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant is close to passing the point of no return in closing in 2025. The Fed NRC has been petitioned to continue the nuke operation for at least two more decades. In its existence, the NRC has never approved a new nuclear plant or extended any. Why the hell do they exist?

    Without Diablo Canyon, does any of these fools for EV’s and only electric stoves going to do gor dining or driving? Neither is the answer. Lack of oil drilling is relayed to the natural gas as it is a by product of oil drilling.

  5. APPEAL.


    I do not have time to count the ways todayt!!

    Is there a lawyer in the house that will take this effort to fruition?

  7. William W Yocum says

    Politics always gets in the way of doing what is right for the state. It has ever since I can remember. I have left ca as the state and local governments have been over run with easily identified corruption for decades.

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