Steve Frank: Position on California ballot measures

In  a few days many of you will receive your absentee ballot in the mail.  I have been asked for my recommendations, how I will vote on the ballot measures.  The easy way to know is this:  I will vote YES on Prop. 5 and Prop.6.  I will vote NO on all the rest.

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We can not afford the payoffs of bond measures, the Nanny State control of our clocks by politicians.  Several measure, like  Prop. 8 and 11 were put on the ballot by unions.  Why?  Because they could not get what they want in negotiations with private firms—so they turn to voters to interfere with the relationship between workers and employers.

The key is to vote—either by absentee or at the polls on November 6.  At the same time remember to vote for the GOP Team, from John Cox for Governor down to Assembly, State Senate and congress.

I will not be voting for the Socialist Kevin DeLeon or the smear artist Dianne Feinstein—I would be embarrassed to say I voted for either—that office will be left blank.


Steve Frank:   Position on California ballot measures

Steve Frank, opinion,  10/8/18

A guide to the ballot measures we are facing on November 6.

To make it easy—Yes on Prop. 5 and 6.  No on all the others

Prop.1  $4 billion housing bond—government boondoggle/payoff   NO

Prop. 2  Allows counties to use Prop. 63 “millionaires tax for housing for homeless. Fix government policies first.  NO

Prop. 3  $8.9 billion water bond—yet they have not spent previous bonds as promised  NO

Prop. 4  $1.5 billion bond for childrens hospitals—only unions allowed to work on projects

Prop. 5  Property tax break for homeowners over 55 years old   YES

Prop. 6  Repeal of SB 1—the 12 cent gas tax costing each family $779 a year  YES

Prop. 7  Ends Daylight Savings time in California set by Legislature   NO

Prop. 8  Limits profits of dialysis centers, will limit supply of dialysis center—SEIU revenge on owners of centers.  NO

Prop. 9  Court took it off ballot—not allowing voters to make decision on dividing State into three parts  Not allowed to vote by court order

Prop. 10  Allows cities to enact more rent control—will further limit supply of housing and add to cost of living  NO

Prop. 11  Requires workers at private EMT services to remain on call during breaks—interfere with worker/owner relationship—partial government take over of private businesses  NO

Prop. 12  Add to government require on the caging of chickens and other animals.  NO

About Stephen Frank

Stephen Frank is the publisher and editor of California Political News and Views. He speaks all over California and appears as a guest on several radio shows each week. He has also served as a guest host on radio talk shows. He is a fulltime political consultant.


  1. showandtell says

    Thank you Steve for providing this. I truly believe that individuals like yourself who have built a solid reputation over many years have now supplanted the usual newspaper editorial board endorsements when it comes to educating and guiding voters at election time. This shift is good news if you ask me. I’m very grateful to have alternative voter guides from trusted individuals like you and others; e.g. Katy Grimes, Carl DeMaio, etc.

  2. Thank you!

  3. I strongly but respectfully disagree with the decision and recommendation NOT to vote in the Feinstein/DeLeon Senate race…
    By not voting, you relinquish your important vote to the uninformed voters who might tilt towards DeLeon, based upon Hispanic identity politics.
    Hold your nose and vote for Feinstein and hope that her mishandling of the Kavanaugh confirmation will get her in hot water..
    Plus, her shelf life isn’t as long as DeLeon…
    He’d be even WORSE than her for California…
    Work with what we’ve (sadly) got, and then work like heck to get her tossed afterwards…
    Think STRATEGICALLY, NOT emotionally….

    • showandtell says

      Definitely agree with you on this, CaliExpat. Thanks for posting.

      • Up until the Kavanaugh confirmation process, I was firmly behind Feinstein not only because she has acted the part of Senator, but also that over the years she has looked after California interests.

        But after what transpired in the last month, I will have to join Steve Frank and leave this race empty-non of the above on election day.

  4. showandtell says

    By the way, it’s completely pathetic that this morning’s KQED radio broadcast is the only Cox-Newsom debate
    But tune in here you’d like to hear it live (10 a.m. Monday 10/8/18)

  5. Livable CA encourages a “YES on 10” vote. The voter’s guide reads like it’s an expansion of rent control, but in fact it’s a measure that puts decision-making into the hands of local jurisdictions to decide what – if any – rent control policies they want or need. A no vote keeps the status quo, a 23 year-old law that benefits mega-developers like Essex Property Trust, a San Mateo-based Real Estate Investment Trust that donated $2.4M to the No campaign or Western National Property Management, who donated $3.8M to oppose it. We encourage YES vote on 10.

  6. Robert See Allen says

    Any clue on Lt. Governor? (Both Dem. No Write-in.)

    Poizner (?) for Insurance Commissioner (Lara Dem. No Write-in)

    Supt. Pub Instr: Tuck (?; Thurmond toots Dem. supporter.)

    Any clue on Judicial?

  7. Definitely Poizner against Lara – Lara has written more BAD and STUPID bills in his day than just about anyone on the California legislature…

    And you’ve gotta read THIS article about Newsom in USATODAY – you guys simply HAVE to do whatever is necessary to get Cox elected (my guy was Travis Allen, but my guy was also Vic Mitchell here in CO) or else California is SUNK…

    Problem is, the ‘low information’ uninvolved voters in California will vote for Mr. MovieStarLooks and because he’s a known entity who’s been cooling his jets as Lt. Governor…. He’s an empty suit and an empty head…

    And for heaven’s sake, hold your nose and vote for the lesser of two evils and vote for Feinstein, the devil you know… DeLeon has been Lara’s counterpart in writing stupid laws that benefit the TAKERS of California, NOT the makers… do your own due diligence….another troublesome one is Gonazalez-Fletcher down in San Diego, but fortunately, she’s not running for larger state office this time…

  8. Thank you so very much Steve. Enormous help to us all!

  9. Thank You Steve

  10. This is the first time I Commented on Anything. Thank you Steve,

  11. I’m a NO on Prop 4 – don’t want to authorize a single dime to put the government further in the business of healthcare. instead, allow private enterprises or nonprofits to build hospitals.

  12. Anywhere I can get a comprehensive guide for differen California (los angels)? Craig Huey doesn’t have one this election…

    By the way you’re wrong about daylight savings. At least your reasoning. The whole thing was an invention of politicians to dance electricity. But it doesn’t and it costs the economy a ton. Like most government boondoggles. Arizona doesn’t have it.

  13. Here’s more evidence why it makes GOOD strategic sense to vote for a politically burdened Diane Feinstein!
    It may actually be helpful to the conservative cause:

  14. showandtell says

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