64% Say “No!” On Sirhan Parole!

64% say “No!” to California Governor Gavin Newsom approving a parole recommendation to give freedom to Robert F. Kennedy’s assassin Sirhan Sirhan in a new scientific poll of California’s likely voters just released this afternoon. Sirhan has been granted parole by a California board and now the panel’s decision faces a review that will require the Governor’s approval to be official.  However, California voters are overwhelmingly opposed to the Governor approving the parole board’s recommendation, according to the new poll released today.  64% oppose freedom for Sirhan, and less than 20% of likely voters support the parole board’s decision to approve his release.  The complete poll results may be downloaded here.  The methodology of the poll meets peer standards and can be downloaded here

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The poll was commissioned by James V. Lacy, President of the U.S. Justice Foundation, and conducted by the respected national polling firm of McLaughlin and Associates, whose survey research clients have included former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.  The survey research was conducted over August 30-31, in Spanish and English by live interviewers using phone, cell and text formats.  The margin of error is +/- 4%. Another significant finding of the poll is that support for California’s death penalty law has increased since a similar question was asked last June.  At that time a McLaughlin and Associates poll found 47.8% of Californians were against abolishing the death penalty.  See poll results: https://usjf.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/CA-Statewide-Executive-Summary-6-8-21-1.pdf. However, according to the new poll released today using the same methodology and sample size, 52.7% of Californians support the death penalty law in California.  

Governor Newsom’s job performance approval stands at 52.7%, with 44.6% disapproving his job performance as Governor.

However, 51.7% of California’s likely voters think the state is headed in the wrong direction.

Commenting on the poll, James V. Lacy, a death penalty advocate said, “It would be political suicide for Gavin Newsom to free Sirhan Sirhan given these numbers.  Not approving the recommendation of the parole board would also be the right thing to do.”

Lacy added that McLaughlin and Associates has now conducted two reliable polls in a row this summer that make it clear there is significant, even majority support among California’s likely voters for the state’s death penalty laws, and this research “is solid and starkly contrasts with a seat-of-the-pants two question poll” released by U.C.Berkeley with the support of the Los Angeles Times last May.


  1. There is way too much doubt in my mind and the minds of many others to believe he was really the killer. Somehow there is a nagging suspicion that the dark side of our Government and those who really tell our Government what to do along with a certain 3 letter Government (?) Agency’ involvement. What was his financial situation at the time and how has his wife and children survived since then? Would Robert Kennedy have pulled us out of Vietnam as his brother John wanted to? What effect would that have had on the War Machine that supported LBJ? The questions go on and on.

  2. Do ya’ think another 50 years in prison will do the trick? Anyone with the same last name as their first name should get a cell by themselves. Where he is now is costing the taxpayers 100 big ones per year.

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