Biden approval at 18% in West Virginia

The Democratic controlled corporate media and their politicians are pointing their fingers at West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin as the reason why their radical agenda of Build Back Better, District of Columbia statehood, federalization of elections, and court packing is stalled in Congress. Manchin has (thankfully) been thinking twice about supporting the progressives’ agenda. In the 2020 Presidential election, former President Trump beat Joe Biden by almost 30 points in West Virginia at 68.6% to 29.7%. That overwhelming rejection of Biden’s agenda should be evidence enough of why Manchin is reluctant to embrace Build Back Better, because his own resident voters did not embrace it, and by a lot.

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But now the ire of West Virginians for Biden has only increased, and exponentially so. The most recent poll results published by Civiqs here find that in the Mountain State today, only 18% approve of Joe Biden’s policies and a whopping 77% disapprove. In one year as President, Biden has managed to lose close to half of his feeble electoral support in the state. A Biden supporter in West Virginia is getting to look like a Republican in San Francisco.

It should be no wonder why Manchin has given pause on Capitol Hill. Manchin was re-elected in 2018 with less than a majority, just 49.6% of the vote. He knows his state, and the honorable requirement to navigate through legislation to reflect its values, when acting as a United States Senator.

So don’t blame Joe Manchin for your policy failures Biden fans! Point your finger at yourselves.


  1. Kevin Suscavage says

    Biden is the worst president, I believe, in the past 50 years. Maybe he’s the worst president since the last 100 years. And Kamala… 🙁 The only accomplishment (not kidding) of her VP term is the perfection of that horrible “Kamy kackle,” sadly.

  2. George Miller says

    Joe Xiden makes even Carter and Obama look good in comparison. Don’t even get me started on “Knees” harris.

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