California Presidential Vote Shows Huge Disconnect With Nation

CA Secretary of State Alex Padilla has certified the final Presidential vote in California and Hillary Clinton swamped Donald Trump here with close to 62% of the vote and nearly a 4 1/2 million vote victory margin.  While President-elect Trump won 30 states and a landslide in the electoral college, Clinton ended the campaign with a lead of 2,833,000 votes nationally.  Yet if California is backed out of the national popular vote totals, Trump would have a substantial 1,677,000 vote lead nationally.

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Thus, the CA vote proves just how “out of touch” California voters are with the rest of the nation.  Hillary won 48.3% of the vote nationally only if you factor in the extraordinarily good showing in CA.  In fact, Hillary’s CA results stand in stark contrast to the predictions prior to the election: while few polls showed Trump winning in the important swing states of Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Ohio, and he ended up winning them all, the last poll in California before the election pegged Hillary at 53% – far below her actual victory margin here.  In fact, Hillary, almost inexplicably, won about 900,000 more votes than Barack Obama did in 2012, and finished with an even higher percentage of the vote than Obama in that election.

California Democrats increased their representations in the State Legislature and came close to knocking off an additional Republican Congressman or two.  They are firmly in control in California, and going forward, when they brag about California being the 6th largest economy in the world, it will be impossible for them to blame California’s 24% poverty rate based on cost of living on Republicans.  If California is indeed the 6th biggest economy in the world, then this means it also has the highest poverty rate of the top six in the world, and that is nothing to brag about, Democrat friends!

California however is not exactly an unimportant state in Presidential politics.  Up to the point of the Indiana GOP primary election on May 3, just about a month before the California primary, it was apparent that Trump and Ted Cruz would be headed for a bruising finale in the Golden State, and because of a terrific campaign in which CA consultant Tim Clark played a key role, Trump was ahead in the polls and looking to our state as a “firewall” to win the nomination.  But when Cruz was knocked off by Donald Trump in Indiana, he soon dropped out of the race and Trump “cruised” to a big win with over 75% of the GOP vote.  California, with its largest delegation to the Republican National Convention, will indeed continue to play an important role in support of Donald Trump’s re-election in 2020.

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  1. Claude Slage says

    There’s a foreign country interfering in our elections and it’s not Russia! Millions of their citizens voted in California (or Atzlan as they call it)

  2. Claude nailed it…
    The “Aztlan” Reconquista is pretty much complete, what with their full infiltration of the California State legislature.
    Cali is toast

  3. Andrew Kessel says

    There should be a re-count in California, I guarantee bogus votes would be found. Nearly 40℅ (probably more) of CA did not vote for Hillary. Up here in Northern California, we were very red, and have no plans to become North Mexico. California Democrats do not speak for us.

    • I’ve posted this before and I’ll post it again. I worked a polling station on the border of Campbell/Los Gatos/Saratoga. I sorted the ballots for the audit. I can tell you that the split between HilLIARe and Trump wasn’t what they said it was, it was MUCH closer to 50/50. MOST of the people that came in had their ID’s out and were surprised they didn’t have to show them. I’ll bet that in other areas, if ID’s had to be shown the results would have been much different.

  4. Interesting that 26 of the 58 counties in California voted for Trump and 18 of them are in Jefferson!

  5. Wonder how many of those votes were by ILLEGAL ALIENS?

  6. TheRandyGuy says

    Hardly surprising. As a conservative, I realize the fact that CA is lost to the left. Between the influence of politicians with a mexican allegiance and public employee labor unions, there is no chance of sanity returning to Sacramento. So, in the next few years, I and my family will migrate to a rational state and leave CA to conduct its affairs without influencing our lives.

    • I only wish that I could leave too. Wife and I are too old, a large move would kill us both, physically and financially. So we reluctantly stay in the one party, liberal utopia land dictatorship of Oz! Where alternative ideas or agendas, other than the DNC are banned! And all thoughts or actions pro firearms or the 2nd amendment are considered blasphemy and rational discussions are never viewed! Single party rule is NEVER healthy for any republic. As the state continues to swirl around the cesspool drain of history!

      • I’m in the same age quandary, I can financially afford to get the heck out and physically we’re ok. I’m looking and there is only one area I’d consider and right now it’s a balmy 10 degrees.

  7. “…If California is indeed the 6th biggest economy in the world, then this means it also has the highest poverty rate of the top six in the world, and that is nothing to brag about, Democrat friends!…”

    If only we were spending more……
    (an excuse The Left has never used in its history, Evah)

  8. The same liberal toads that voted for hillary also gave us brown, pelosi, feinstein, harris and soon, newsom. I pray for bankruptcy and maybe this nightmare might end. If not, we who can’t leave are fuqued!

  9. Victor Rennes says

    Californian can change things once the border wall is finish. Millions of illegal vote will be shut out.leaving ca because of these evil leaders is mistake stay and fight there are more of us that they know just make sure news on don’t win next.

  10. DR Richard Muccillo says

    Nullify the crooked illegal votes in Ca and ORE WA Colo and NEV and Trump won those states as well–i am tired of repeating—-when is Ca going to impeach baldy and recall pedilla the illegal and bedpan and the rest of the crooks in the legislature

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