California Says “NO” To Higher Taxes!

An overwhelming majority of Californians, 64% of the them, think that federal and state taxes are too high, according to a recent UC Berkeley/LA Times poll.
All those high taxes have contributed to California’s budget surplus, which has more than doubled since January to a staggering $68 billion!
Yet things don’t seem to change in Sacramento – regardless of the crime surge, inflation and high gas prices, a dismal education system, or whether it is universal publicly funded health care or reducing bovine methane emissions, the politicians in Sacramento keep talking about raising more taxes!
Why should there be such a big budget surplus in Sacramento when Californians feel over-taxed? Shouldn’t the surplus be given back to the taxpayers in the first place?

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It is time to take action! Californian’s have the opportunity in this election year to ask their elected officials these fundamental questions!
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  1. Donald J says

    One thing you can always count on with California’s politicians is that money will be spent on increasing government size and control over it’s serfs. their is an old adage along the line of “California Politicians seldom do anything unless their is a benefit to themselves”.

  2. hal schwartz says

    Gavin Gruesome will always find ways to spend tax money on Illegal Aliens, his Union Stooges, and climate change….which has been changing from over heated to ice ages for the past 5 BILLION years. I am surprised that that the folicle and cuspid overrun prima donna doesnt try to regulate, tax, and control Volcanos. I can see why Kimmy G dumped him. He is only in love with ONE person……himself.

  3. Rick Rund says

    Reading this, seeing the budget surplus of $68b, I can see newsom probably gloating. Now almost June 1st of 2023 and cali sitting there with an expected budget deficit of close to $32b. PRICELESS

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