Half of Americans call Mueller Investigation a “Witch Hunt” – USA Today poll

WASHINGTON – Amid signs that special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian election interference may be near its conclusion, a new USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll finds that trust in Mueller has eroded and half of Americans agree with President Donald Trump’s contention that he has been the victim of a “witch hunt.”

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Support for the House of Representatives to seriously consider impeaching the president has dropped since last October by 10 percentage points, to 28 percent.

Real the full story here:  https://news.yahoo.com/poll-half-americans-trump-victim-131429338.html


  1. Oddly enough , if you were paying attention over two years ago , you will remember that TWO FBI agents were found to be responsible for the fake dossier that was used to start this ongoing farce to slander and harass President Trump to the point that someone would assassinate , impeach or get the president to resign .
    Now over two years later the Muller report is saying the same thing ! Did someone just forget about the proof of FRAUD committed by the Clintons , and the DNC ???
    How many millions of tax dollars were pissed away on this nonsense witch hunt only to find the same thing again.
    Much of this IS TREASON but no charges will EVER be levied .

  2. Donald J. says

    Only about half the population know whats happening? Sad when the United States of America is in such a termoil with all the Socialist/Commie/Dem Agenda/Propaganda being spewed every day from the MSM and the controls Facebook and others are using to control the facts from the populace.

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