Homelessness Epidemic – New Poll Reveals Rising Public Anger of L.A. Residents

Sixty-three percent of Los Angeles County residents believe “homeless” people should not be allowed to degrade residential and business property and sleep in streets.

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Sixty-five percent believe police should be more involved with “homeless” in cleaning up streets and addressing broader health crisis.

FINALLY a relevant poll from LA Times.

California’s “homeless” crisis will not be abated until we are able to use words like “vagrancy,” “panhandling,” and “trespasser” again to more realistically describe what is going on and the proper legal tool to address it. Truly homeless, especially women and children, should be sheltered immediately. But studies overwhelmingly reveal it is not as much a “homeless” crisis as an addiction epidemic, largely among working age men, many of whom also have petty crime rap sheets. Sexual offenders are among them.

When the general population starts getting “woke” to this reality, government can start using the proper tools to fix it. It will take much effort given court rulings that have denigrated property rights and anti-vagrancy laws that once kept the streets more sanitary. But the health crisis, such as the medieval plague surging in downtown LA and potentially residential communities, has started to change attitudes on tolerating “the homeless” and given more focus to exactly who and what we are talking about.


  1. California has some of the highest costs for electricity and fuels that are directly contributable to the growing populations of homelessness and poverty.

    With California unable to generate enough of its own electricity it imported 29 percent of it from other state, at a premium cost. Today, residents are paying 50 percent more than the national average and commercial users are paying double the national average.

    We all know that our fuel prices are about one dollar more than the rest of the country and that Democrats are adamant that the public NOT see the transparency of what makes up those costs when they soundly defeated a bill in 2018 that would have required transparency of all the costs dumped onto the posted price at the pump.

    Its time for our one-party state to focus on solution to the problem causing homelessness and poverty – REDUCE the cost of electricity and fuel.

  2. Stop using the term “homeless”. No one know what anyone is talking about. There are three population groups that need to be triaged:
    (1) have nots – supported now by our generous social safetynet
    (2) can nots – need to be placed in lock down care institutions
    (3) wil nots – service resistant squatters – need to be in jail, lock down work camps or gone.

    When the overly general term “homeless is used” people argue in circles, each objecting to or protecting one of these three groups. First two can easily be taken care of; but the “will nots” are 80% of the problem so they should be targeted first for removal. They are a health and safety epidemic and causing huge economic drains on California communities with no end in sight.

  3. JanEt schultz says

    There’s a beautiful song sung by Joan Baez telling us there but for Fortune go you or I. I certainly hope that none of you pointing fingers and judging people with less than you never have to be humbled in such a manner. But that’s just me, I tend to be kind

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