Just Say “No” to the California Tax Hike Industry

Successful Californians must pay over 50% of their income at the top marginal rates in state and federal income taxes.  That’s right – Obama’s tax hike created a 39% top Federal income tax bracket, and combined with California’s top of the nation 13% plus, our state’s most successful citizens aren’t working for themselves anymore, they are working for the government when they hit the top brackets.

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But the “California Tax Hike Industry” isn’t satisfied.  In the upcoming election, they want even more taxes.  They want to keep California’s sales and income taxes the highest in the nation by urging voters to vote “Yes” on Proposition 55.  They want even more “consumption” taxes on cigarettes by urging a “Yes” vote on Proposition 56.  And more sinisterly, the California Tax Hike Industry has qualified about 200 local measures that ask voters to raise their property taxes (“for the kids”taxes but really for the California Teachers Association who already benefit from high wages and great pension plans), raise and extend sales taxes (claiming the funds will fix roads, roads that should have been fixed in the first place but for overpaying civil servants and overly generous pensions), raise hotel taxes, raise parcel taxes, you name it, the professional tax raisers are really at it in this election.

Californians must simply say “No” to all these taxes!

Californians are already among the most heavily taxed citizens in the nation.  Should Prop. 55 pass, that will continue, and things will only get worse should all the other local tax measures pass, driving up local sales taxes and property taxes even higher.  Already considered an inhospitable place for businesses to locate and for successful people to live in (other than for the fine weather and lifestyle – if you can afford it), all these new taxes will guarantee that California continues to have the highest poverty rate in the nation, as it has for the last two years, when cost-of-living is factored.  And can you imagine what successful people in California (the people who create jobs) will pay in taxes if Hillary Clinton is elected, and hikes yet again the Federal marginal tax rate above the Obama levels?

In the upcoming election, we may not have clear choices on many of the candidates on the ballot, but one thing is for sure: the last thing California needs is more taxes!!  Just say “No” to them!!


  1. Elizabeth Carnegie says

    This is an awesome article, but there is a huge mistake in the writing of it! When you say “all these or all that” you should say “all of” these or “all” “of that”!

    • James V. Lacy says

      Thanks for the comment. Your are grammatically correct but I kind of like the casual style of glossing over the word “of”. More of a speaking style when vocalized, which I prefer.

  2. Who are the Successful Californians? Owners or CEO of Silicon Valley businesses? Or average middle class where both mom and pop work their tail off?

  3. I think writers should write many articles analyze all these propositions in this election about governments want more taxes. The usual voters information guide before the proposition to be voted on are written in such ways 50% to 60% (maybe more!) of population do not truly grasp the real impact down the road. These articles must contain this very important facts; who or which organization is behind this proposition. By revealing these information, voters usually have an opinion as to which way to vote. Voters beware! Over 50% of California population is either working for government or on government dole (welfare). If you are one of them will you vote down your pay raises?

  4. The voters pamphlet arrived last week and I got to work. Out of the 17 initiatives on the ballot I am voting “yes” on only 3 of them, and one of those is to clean out Death Row! No money for anything since the State, run by the liberals is almost a trillion in debt..The money store should be put out of business, and the legislators put on a two year schedule like Texas.

  5. We will vote NO on 55 AND on the local OPUSD latest bond issuance request…
    It’ll be our last parting gift to this formerly great state that has been turned into an overcrowded, third world dung heap of II’s on welfare for their anchor babies to legions of H1B technocoolies on the upper end of the economic spectrum, but still clinging to their sandal wearing third world roots and living in their self imposed ghettoes…
    Thankfully, the nice weather and lifestyle is only a two hour plane ride away…
    But stick around for the tax hikes and insane government pensions?

    No way… you voted for it, you deal with the outcomes…

  6. Post mortem: The California electorate showed their true liberal colors by voting almost exactly opposite your recommendations…
    And my local neighbors continued their slavish adoration of the spendthrift OPUSD by approving yet ANOTHER round of school bonds, this one bigger than the last two combined!
    Oh well…
    We’re outta here in a couple of months to try our luck turning Colorado red again in 2018 & 2020…
    Cali is OFFICIALLY toast as of today with the call that Chang lost to Newman & Dems have a supermajority….
    Kiss your overly taxed backsides goodbye, cuz it’s open season on your wallets…

  7. No more taxes Mr?

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