Newsom disapproval rating at 44% now higher than approval of 43%

Here is what the respected PPIC poll has to say about recent polling on Gavin Newsom and California Democrats: “Closer to home, Governor Newsom and the legislature are getting mixed reviews in their first year of making policy together. Among likely voters, 43% approve and 44% disapprove of the governor, while 38% approve and 51% disapprove of the legislature. Since the beginning of the year, disapproval has increased significantly for the governor (+15 points) and the legislature (+8 points). Today, more than six in ten Democrats approve of the job that the governor and legislature are doing, compared to fewer than four in ten independents, and less than two in ten Republicans. If their ratings remain in the doldrums, the governor and legislators will have little sway over Californians’ ballot choices next year.“

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California Democratic Senator Kamala Harris, in the same Public Policy Institute of California poll, had a high 48% disapproval, and according to one report is currently estimated to gain not one delegate from California to the Democratic National Convention, because of single digit poor polling in her home state for President.

Something is going on in California when the Democratic Governor has a higher negative than positive rating, the Democratic U.S. Senator is getting no serious traction in her race for President in her home state, and the Democratic controlled state legislature is disapproved by a majority of voters. Is it sky-high gas prices? Power black outs? Rampant, disease spreading vagrancy masked as “homelessness”? Whatever it is, things are not looking good for Newsom and Harris and their friends in Sacramento.


  1. Anthony Halby says

    It is the general stupidity of the governing body of democrats. We ban plastic straws as feel good law. We rely on oil from Saudi Arabia where the rest of the nation relys on US only. We pander to illigals and do nothing for the tax payers. I could go on and on. Need to replace these people. I grew up in California. So many of my friends have left the state of are trying to. This is the closest thing to Communism.

  2. Rex Larson says

    I would not be surprised if these figures were conservative and the actual % of voters unhappy with our dishonest Gov Newsom is much higher. He’s treating voters like their stupid as he blatantly ignores the will of the people. Voters are genuinely pissed this isn’t a few people with hurt feelings but so much more!

  3. The Captive says

    Gruesome newsome is just that. He does treat voters like they’er stupid ,but newsome is stupid and he is just PROJECTING! So common voters let’s head for 100% DISAPPROVAL!

  4. Gotta Gedada Displace says

    44%….and it will KEEP RISING !!! DUMP this JERK !!!!!!!

  5. ExCaliExpat says

    Find a legitimate recall petition and SIGN IT!!!

    BROWN was a complete moron, but this guy is 5 times WORSE, and doesn’t have the political smarts to lay low like Brown did….
    He’s a narcissistic self-promoter who’s only using the Governorship as a platform to pander to his loony left constituents and openly challenge everything President Trump says or does…
    Meanwhile, California buckles under complete fiscal mismanagement and infrastructural issues, while this asswipe prepares for a 2024 Presidential run, much like Kamala “Heels Up” Harris is currently doing after her perfunctory Senate term….
    Wake the hell up, California, you’re being screwed over by these Democrap legislators who only care about their political futures, not your quality of life or anything else….
    Toss em all, except Moorlach and McClintock….

  6. Grandpa dog says

    He was appointed not elected.

  7. TheRandyGuy says

    Not sure why articles like this are published. Dems own this state and that will never change.

  8. How could anybody approve of the Job these fool’s are doing.. Over the top on gun control, not doing what the voters voted for such as gas tax, Death Penalty, Sanctuary State, need I go on..Wake up voters.


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