Ron Paul ties “refused to answer” in California

A new poll in California makes it clear that Ron Paul didn’t get much of a lift from the Iowa straw poll here.  Paul has just 4.8% of Republicans supporting him, which is equal to the number of people who refused to respond to the pollster’s callers questions.

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You can access the poll results here:,-Perry-in-Second-Place.  Taken August 17, Romney leads among California Republicans with 22.2%; “firm unsure” follows with 21.2%; Texas Governor Rick Perry, who had hardly entered the race, is already at 15%; undeclared Sarah Palin is at 10.2%; and the rest follow.

It is still early in the process and California’s primary is so late, in June, that few veteran political observers feel the state will carry much weight in the Republican nomination.  Still, California represents a huge cache of delegate strength, a total of 172 out of 2422 at the 2012 Republican national convention.  Delegates are allotted on a mix of who wins in each Congressional district and statewide.


  1. nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney baldwin ventura sheehan says

    There is a flood of voters for Dr Ron in Illinois.
    the whole Midwest is going Ronald Ernest Paul

    If it looks like George Bush,
    walks like George Bush,
    and talks like George Bush,
    it’s probably Rick Perry.

    • I love it. We registering Republican for the first time to help nominate Ron Paul and take back the republican party from the old Crownies!

  2. Are we going to start picking on Bachmann next because BLUE Staters do not like HER either??

    What is all the Ron Paul bashing all about?

    Why not go after that RINO Huntsman?

    • Because the establishment is teetering like a top just before is runs out of energy. They are scared to death of Ron Paul.

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