Shasta Lake Now 100%+ Capacity. Drought Over??!!

“It’s just pouring up here!” explained an official of the Lake Shasta Marina to the San Jose Mercury.  Shasta Lake, the biggest reservoir in California, is at its 100% historical fill, up from 29% capacity on December 8.  The current “El Niño” inspired rains soaking the Golden State are clearly in the process of starting to reverse the state’s four-year drought and in the case of Lake Shasta, give some relief – if regulators will allow it – to Central Valley farmers and residents under tight water conservation rules around the state.

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Reports are that other of the state’s water resources, including the Oroville reservoir in Butte County and also Pardee in the Sierra Nevada’s, are fast filling up.  Loch Lomond Reservoir in the beautiful Santa Cruz mountains actually spilled over last Sunday and is at highest levels in three years.

Rain is just soaking both northern and southern California, with almost 6 inches reported overnight at Mount Diablo in the Bay Area, and the southern California commute greatly slowed as drivers slow down to adjust to wet roads.

Yet regulators keep warning that while reservoirs are at or above capacity, groundwater levels still remain low and in need of even more water to recharge.  Hopefully the rain will continue till the Governor yells “uncle” and pulls any water restrictions now made redundant on our farmers and residents.


  1. There are pipelines capable of transferring excess water to southern Calif. What do you suppose Moon Beam Brown will use as an excuse not to do it?

    I know it is because the bullet train needs the water. (good as any excuse)

  2. Nothing the democrats do surprise me. I’m waiting for them to declare that the drought is now worse than ever!. Yes, they really are that brazen and sadly the voting public doesn’t have the will or political savvy to toss the bums out and start over.

  3. Is the drought over? Hell no! We need the “fine” money!

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